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Other Spa & Hot Tub Questions

Canceling or Returning a Hot Tub or other item.

Are any of your spas salt water ready rather than chlorine?

HOT TUB FAQ frequently asked questions. Hot tub FAQ.

What should I consider when preparing a location for my new spa?

Can someone contract a disease from a spa?

is it necessary to pour concrete under the new tub or is flat earth ok?

Safety concerns about children or neighbors.

How will I get warranty service for my new hot tub spa?


Common questions concerning hot tub chemistry and filtering. FAQ.

Hot Tub Water Chemistry FAQ

What's the difference between the Chlorine chemicals & the Bromine chemicals for the soft tubs?

water is clear and green in hot tub how can we get rid of it without changing water?

Hot Tub Chemicals Setup

How do I test, balance and maintain my spa water?

How Do I Change the Filters on My Hot Tub?

We have an ozonator. Our spa is 360 gallons. How much sanitizer should be used each week - normal bather use?

I will be off for a vacation in 2-3 weeks. How should I prevent hot tub/spa from getting algae and turning green?


Common questions concerning general hot tub and spa topics. FAQ.

How much does it cost in electricity to operate a hot tub?

How do I clean the acrylic surface of my spa?

How to Properly Winterize Your Hot Tub

How long can you run the pump on a hot tub?

How to Drain a Hot Tub

Glossary of Spa and Hot Tub Terms

How long does it take to heat a hot tub up?

Should I keep my spa hot or let it cool down?

Can I use our hot tub in the winter? What if we choose not to?

How much water does a hot tub hold?

What is the difference between an air injector and a jet?

Does a spa need to be filled and drained each time it is used?

"More Truth About Microban® and Anti-Microbial Agents in Acrylic Sheet"

Do you purchase used spas or sell on consignment? Thank you!

Do you ship to the United Kingdom?


Common questions concerning hot tub and spa covers. FAQ.

What are some characteristics that identify spa cover quality and value?

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