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Glossary of Spa and Hot Tub Terms

Hot Tub FAQ

What should I consider when preparing a location for my new spa?
Can someone contract a disease from a spa?
Safety concerns about children or neighbors.
How will I get warranty service for my new hot tub spa?
is it necessary to pour concrete under the new tub or is flat earth ok?

Other - Spas

Canceling or Returning a Hot Tub or other item.
Are any of your spas salt water ready rather than chlorine?
Are any of your spas salt water ready rather than chlorine?

Hot Tub Chemistry and Filtering

Hot Tub Water Chemistry FAQ
Hot Tub Chemicals Setup
How do I test, balance and maintain my spa water?
How Do I Change the Filters on My Hot Tub?
We have an ozonator. Our spa is 360 gallons. How much sanitizer should be used each week - normal bather use?
water is clear and green in hot tub how can we get rid of it without changing water?
What's the difference between the Chlorine chemicals & the Bromine chemicals for the soft tubs?

General Hot Tub Spa Questions

How much does it cost in electricity to operate a hot tub?
"More Truth About Microban® and Anti-Microbial Agents in Acrylic Sheet"
How long does it take to heat a hot tub up?
Should I keep my spa hot or let it cool down?
How much water does a hot tub hold?
Can I use our hot tub in the winter? What if we choose not to?
What is the difference between an air injector and a jet?
Does a spa need to be filled and drained each time it is used?
How do I clean the acrylic surface of my spa?
How to Properly Winterize Your Hot Tub
How long can you run the pump on a hot tub?
Do you purchase used spas or sell on consignment?
Do you ship to the United Kingdom?
How to Drain a Hot Tub

Hot Tub Spa Covers

What are some characteristics that identify spa cover quality and value?

Customer Product Questions

I want to use salt water with this or at least no chemicals. would that work? Please advise.Also, I am in Winston Salem North Carolina. How long would it take to arrive here?Suzy McCalley
Is there a concern with the TV in the hot tub being damaged by water?
What is the overall outside dimensions; width, depth, height? Inside storage dimensions? weight capacity? factory warranty?
Hi! I want to know the package dimensions and weight. Regards,
are there built in seats in the hot tub or are you sitting on the bottom. thx.
how weatherproof is the spa. should it be put up in winter. in north carolina where it gets very cold.
Does this spa ever go more on sale? Do u have any deals on floor models?
Hi... I called a few weeks ago and finally had a chance to look at the spa pads... question i have is what is the recommended type of prep work that needs to be done to the ground prior to placing the pad. besides being level, i'm assuming some type of gravel base would be needed. How thick and what size of gravel. thanks Ken
Which side panels need to be accessible for maintenance?
Hi How much would it cost for the in- clear system, for this spa
how well will this hot tub hold up exposed to salt air on the beach
is this tub energy efficient in extremely cold environments. what's the insultaion like on this tub the slt modle with the TV
Is the bottom cushioned?
Can I buy a replacement bladder for my 4-person inflatable tub. Mine has a big hole in it.
can i get spa with gas heating instead of electric?
What is the weight limit on the stairs?
What are dimensions of Keystone Round hot tub Thanks
Two Question: 1. How does the hot tube get heated? 2. Does it just take a regular electric plug to the outdoor walk jack?
I can see that it is 110 volts but how many watts does it need?
can the spa2go be used outside during winter?
Do you have a cord for 120 volt 12 amps? Melanie
Am I able to purchase a new heater/pump unit. I have had a local spa technician look at my aero spa and the heating element has gone bad and trips the plug upon plugging in.
I have my Spa2Go and noticed the pump does not ever shut off. Is this normal?
What kind of electrical wire does the hot tub use a three or four wire system. Im looking at instalation features right now it would be nice to have an owners manual to look at before a purchase. Thanks
Will these steps measure to fit a 5 ft tall swim spa
Hello. Could I please have the dimensions of these steps? I need the heighth, width, length and also how deep it is from the bottom step to the back and also how wide is each step? I have a space issue. Thank You. Kathy
what is the availability.....or how long is delivery after order is complete?
Once I place my order for these spa steps, how long does shipping take?
Can this spa be outdoors, it actually wouldnt be completely outdoors but in garage and it gets rather cold in the winter here in iowa? How often does the spa needed cleaning? thanks kathy
can it be shipped to canada
Is the water heated electrically or just by the pump?
I am looking for a hot tub that uses 3 wire, 240 electrical supply. That is what my old one uses, and I don't want to run new wires. Will this one work? If not, can you suggest another? Thanks.
Does it hurt the stick if it is exposed to air?
How is this item attached to the hottub? Are they permanently attached with screws or does this item snap on and off? Thank you. Also do you sale the bar stools as well?
How do you empty the hot tub when it comes time to change or empty the water?
How do you drain the Spa2Go when you want to move it or change the water?
which portable hot tub do you reccomend for a deck
does this lift up completely your picture does not show this looks like it only lifts to a 45
How deep is this tub? Are there interior seats?
What's the normal turn around time from order to delivery?
What is minimum clearance for moving this hot tub indoors? I have several doorways to manuver thru. Thanks!
Colors listed don't include terracotta which looks like what your site calls redwood. Is this correct? For installation, how many screws are used to hold each arm to shell of hot tub?
What is the depth of these stairs? I am purchasing a Catalina Swim Spa, but need steps that are narrower than 36 inches. Thanks
What material is this made from? Do you have any customer reviews on this product?
Just wondering how the T.V. holds up being outside in the cold. I am from minnesota and was just wondering if the heat from the tub keeps it warm enough or what?? Seems like the 20 below weather would freeze the tv unless its kept warm enough.
I have a Pinnacle PN855 Model # 1010 Spa. Will this cover Lifter fit. The shell dimensions are 91" X 91"
I am interested in a high quality hot tub for two. I would like to use salt water . Do you recommend the serenity hot tub. If so, what is the pressure like from the jets and is it easy to move?
We are interested in the Avalon XL. with the bromine system. It calculates out to $5,224 on your site. Is this the total expenditure? How long from ordering to delivery?
What is the width of the steps?
Hi What is the mAmp rating of the GCFI?
Hello...Is there a tv included with this spa? I see it in the pictures but none of the descriptions of the features say anything about it.
Where is the filter located?
We received ther avalon xl and will be installing next week. Did not see an operating manual. Can you email me one? thanks - gary
what do you sit on when you are in the hot tub? the ground or a step of some sort
I have nerve damage in my legs and am concerned about getting into a portable inflatable spa. How strong are the sides? Can a person sit on the side to get in? How do you get into the spa? How high are the sides? Once in the spa and you are sitting down, are the sides strong enough for you to hold onto so you don't fall?
can i have heat and air bubbles at the same time or is it set up where i can only have one or the other at one time?
One of your inflatable spas has inflatable seats in it. Is there a weight limit for these seats?
What is the height of each step----how many inches high is each one?
what is the center to center measurement on the buds that plug in on the back?
I live in a condo, and want to put it on my balcony, I am wondering about the noise level with the jets on?
I am also wondering about the box it comes in, is it a large box, and can neighbors tell that it is a hot tub, does it have hot tub on the packaging?
What is the weight of these steps? How easy are they to move?
I would like to convert my small hot tub from bromine to salt water, would this salt generator do the job
My hot tub is a 2-3 person marquee tub/110volt. How much salt do you add to the water ? And how often?
Can this tub be used indoors
Will 6 stools fit comfortably around the largest size 68" diameter. What size stools are recommended?
What does BHP stand for, when refering to the pump? Scott
If u run 24/7 how much does it cost a month to run?
Is this ADA Compliant. We are interested in putting in the Manual lift.
Can this be put on a second floor bedroom?
do the jets need to be runner for the water to heat or does the heater work on its own? and also what is the time usually from time or order to delivery?
does the tv come with the hot tub or is it separate
What is S/h
do these hot tubs have seats in them?
Is this hot tub inflatable and is is durable? Can it stay outside forever?
What is the maximum water temperature the SLT can obtain?
how is it filled with water?
What is the total weight when full?
Can morton pool salt be used safely with this product
can i control the jets by turning them off if i don't want to use them every time?
the seats....you say : The floor of the spa is a layer of vinyl is it a seat?
Does this hot tub require chemicals of any kind to keep the water clean. And with or without chemicals, how often does the water need to be changed?
How much horsepower on the jets?
Does this hot tub require plumbing hook up, I saw one recently you filled with a garden hose.
I want to know which is the most popular , I cant decide out of the midnight opal and the oyster, which one is nicer??
Can the SplashTub handle New England weather year round?
how many jets and what size motor does this one have?
What are the inside dimensions?
Several of the portable hot tubs have a limit to the outside temperature the unit can be used in (40-50 degrees), is there a limit to this model/brand?
How hot will the water get?
Does the stand to the umbrella slide under the hot tub??
What is the average R-value of the 6"-4" cover. What is the warranty?
I have been using bromine until draining the tub about 6 months ago. I want to transfer to the salt water system, what is required? Do I just clean out the tub, refill it with salt and toss in the probe?
does this product come with a cover, is one avalible?
How long does it take to heat up
Is the telepole included in the $74.00 price? Can't see any particular details about this.Thanks
Who is the manufacter and what is the bench made of
How much to ship to Hawaii 96817
Do I have to actually have the drain system hooked up to the plumbing? How hard is it to install?
The Towel Hot Tub Table 31" Height - does it have to be assembled?
Is there a cover to the inflatable hot tubs?
Does the spa come with a cover and can it be placed on a wood deck.
Will it rotate for use both getting into the spa and out?
What type of chemicals are required? Does the tub come with a floating container for bromine or chlorine pucks?
Is the base included?
How many Jets does the Spa have ?
AIs this particular portable spa ready for salt in stead of chlorine?
What is the width of the bench?
What is the difference between the Laguna lounger premium n the Laguna lounger elite?
What is the difference between the Laguna lounger premium n the Laguna lounger elite?
Is your Chlormaker salt generator compatible with Jacuzzi brand spas?
I have a 3 year old 450 gal. hot tub. Will converting it to a salt waters system harm any parts of the tub or void the warranty? Also will the salt water help with eczema ?Are the nature 2 cartridges still helpful ?
i am closing the tub for winter, how do i blow out the lines so they don't freeze/
How wide is the hook? is it angled back to keep cover from falling forward? How much weight can two of these hold
Does this product swivel?
Can the pump be wired for either 110 or 220 when delivered? Where would the waterfall be located on this unit? Can it be equipped with the automatic brominator?
How many gallons does this hold? What size of Salt system will I need for this tub? Thanks
Can I replace the Splash Tub Syllent Motor without emptying the water out of the tub?
Does it have to be on all of the time or can you turn on when wishing to use? How long does it take for the water to heat once turned on?
How sturdy is this plastic? How will it stand up in the hot sun and cold winters? It goes together without any hardware?
can I pick one up at your warehouse or must it be delivered
Can this be used indoors in a garage?
Are the hot tubs brand new? When where they built
My Current portable hot tub can not be used in winter and I have to store inside after summer... Can This be used throughout all the seasons Like a regular hot TuB, or are there temperature Specifications on this?
Where do I get replacement parts. The heater went out.
I need a 120V, 15A, 14AWG GFCI power cord for my spa, do you have one or will this one work? How can 110 be the same as 120?
Hi, I have a spa in the box 110 GFCI , but no outlet in yard. Can I use this cord and put a another plug on the end were the wires are, to plug it into my spa cord ?
What are the size of these?
What is the material made out of and how durable is it in the weather and I see no reviews on this umbrella. It looks like I have a similar one and one of the long rods broke where it bends to fold.
Do you have a drawing that shows where access is required and exact locations of motor and supplies?
Can you just buy the umbrella. I have the stand
I am allergic to bromine. Would like a salt water system. Will this work in the same way? Thanks!
What material is this item made from?
How hard is it to assemble?
Can this tube be adjusted to 106 degrees.
is it possible to use this hot tub without water heating option? and do you ship it to EU? (Spain)
What is the height to top step of 3-step version
Thank you for your question. When delivered will they help set it up on deck in backyard or just leave it on the driveway?
What is the depth of the 42 X 48 table from front to back?
Can these steps be installed with only one handrail? What is the specific width of the treads with no handrails on?
52" in lenth with or without towel racks open ?