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How much does it cost in electricity to operate a hot tub?

In general, with our hot tubs, we say the annual average will be one dollar per day.

In March of 2010, a customer from the Lake Placid, NY area, with one of our Free Spirit models wrote "...the spa's been great! The chemicals have been easy. It's costing us about $35 / month in electricity during our cold winter. We drained it, cleaned it and refilled it once last summer, with no problems. Very nice product! Thanks again."

This is consistent with how much electricity our hot tubs typically use. But, the answer to this question may include many variables, such as:

  1. size of the hot tub
  2. type of insulation inside the cabinet
  3. thickness of insulation inside the cabinet (the R-Value of the insulation)
  4. thickness and density of the foam cover for the hot tub
  5. type of climate (Florida customers and Toronto customers, with the same hot tub, will not have the same electric bill in the winter months)
  6. how often you open/use the hot tub (4 times per week in the winter, for an hour at a time, will cost more than 2 times per week for a half hour per session in the summer).
  7. the cost for electricity in your area.

Please note: by no means are all hot tubs insulated the same, or have the same quality of insulating cover. We have read and heard true horror stories where poorly insulated hot tubs were costing over $200.00/month to run in the winter. They looked pretty, and the price may have seemed cheap, but there were reasons.