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I have nerve damage in my legs and am concerned about getting into a portable inflatable spa. How strong are the sides? Can a person sit on the side to get in? How do you get into the spa? How high are the sides? Once in the spa and you are sitting down, are the sides strong enough for you to hold onto so you don't fall?

The Spa2Go is pretty sturdy, but you cannot sit on the sides as they would compress and let the water out. If that is a concern, may I recommend the new Oval AiriSpa? The unique double wall air frame construction means you can actually sit on the sides. It is much sturdier for the concerns you have mentions. Here is a link: http://www.spasandstuff.com/hot-tubs/inflatable-hot-tubs/airispa-oval.html Under the main picture, notice the tab titled ?Video? ?click on that tab. I think you will get most questions answered by viewing the informative videos on that tab.