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I am interested in a high quality hot tub for two. I would like to use salt water . Do you recommend the serenity hot tub. If so, what is the pressure like from the jets and is it easy to move?

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The Serenity is a very nice spa for 2 people. In fact if you scroll down the page at the following link, you will see some customer pictures of a Serenity with the in.clear saltwater bromine system on it. http://www.spasandstuff.com/salt-water-spas-hot-tubs The jet pressure is very nice and adjustable in the following ways: - The pump has low and high speed. - Each jet can individually turn on and off. If you turn of some jets, the remaining ones will feel even stronger. - You can have just water, or a water/air blend coming out of the jets. The water air blend get the water ?bubbling? and feels stronger than the water alone.