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  • Finding a great hot tub for sale – Guide to buy the best hot tub

    A young woman stands on the balcony and oversees the work of repairmen installing her first hot tub.

    Imagine having a long tiring day at work and now after coming back home, you just want to soak yourself into a soothing hot tub to wash away all your stress and strain, to ease your sore muscles for a blissful sleep and to reinvigorate yourself for next day. No matter if it is summer or spring, a late noon or evening, the desire to sink into a hot tub to unwind yourself and get rid of lower back pain is one of the greatest comforts of life.

    You can experience that ultimate reality by settling for own indoor/outdoor hot tub to enjoy and to take benefit from a personalized spa at your place at an affordable sale price of spas & stuff. It does not matter that you have a comparatively small space for a hot tub or you want to install a permanent outdoor hot tub in your backyard. When you want to buy a hot tub, few things must be taken into consideration to avoid the hassle.

    Things to consider before buying a hot tub

    If you have decided to buy a hot tub, considering the following points is important

    • Do you want a hot tub with a permanent fixture?
    • Do you want a therapeutic hot tub to ease your pains?
    • Are you looking for a trouble-free plug and play hot tub in affordable price?
    • Are you looking for an energy-efficient hot tub?
    • Are you looking for a portable tub that you can move up and down as per your needs
    • What size do you need and prefer?

    These are a few things to take care of but the first and foremost thing to decide is whether you want a portable hot tub or a permanent fixture in your budget. Everybody has different needs so it becomes vital to outline your needs and decide what features suit best to your needs.

    There are plenty of options available for you to fulfil your needs, to fit in your space and budget. Owning a hot tub is great but it is not an easy walk in the park. It is not only about the budget, whether you buy the cheapest or most expensive hot tub, their cleaning and maintenance are also important to have fun and enjoy the experience completely.

    Choosing a hot tub

    Before you start investigating hot tub manufacturers, decide what you want. Do you want a permanent fixture or inflatable Jacuzzi? Although inflatable hot tub is comparatively less expensive it is not as durable as a permanent fixture hot tub is. Spas and stuff offer an amazing range of hot tubs with seating of 2 persons or more and a variety of other features in hot sale.

    Cost of a hot tub

    It is vital to set a budget for yourself once you start searching for a suitable hot tub for your home. A hot tub can cost from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. It can be small or big as per your need (seating for 2 persons to 15 persons). Off course in the market, there is a huge variety available within different price range with different features. Make sure to get one with all the desired features within your budget.

    Style and comfort

    If you are going to buy an outdoor hot tub, keep in mind the space of your backyard that where you are going to place it.

    You have to be conscious of the style of the hot tub to get optimum comfort. It should be something that you can enjoy while soaking in bubbles. An outdoor hot tub is a luxury so it should be comfortable, durable and super enjoyable. That’s why it is a must to know that

    • How many people can sit in it?
    • How much space does it have?
    • How accessible are the controls?

    In case you want a therapeutic hot tub for you then go for something that is ergonomically designed and has strong jets to be controlled. At Spas and stuff, you can find spas with maximum seating with or without lounger.

    Use of hot tub

    Knowing how often you will use your tub is much important. If you are going to use it throughout round the year then also consider that how much it is going to cost in your power supply bills because some spas can cost a lot to run in winter. Does your outdoor tub come with an energy-saving cover or you need to buy it separately? How efficiently can it maintain water temperature?

    Water treatment options

    There is almost every type of water treatment available. You want to own a tub that can be easily maintained and also ensures the safety and health of your family. Ozonators, saltwater hot tubs, enzyme systems, UV system and mineral system come with their own selling offers. Do not neglect this note-worthy feature when you are looking into different types of hot tubs.

    Hot tub extras

    Once you have outlined all of your requirements, now it’s time to think about extra features like LED lights, MP3 players and speakers, jets with individualized control, etc. These additional items will permit you to enjoy a few more extravagances. Some of these can be bought as a feature of hot tub whereas you can buy others afterwards to tailor your spa as per your liking.

    Where to find the best hot tub for sale Many brands offer you a wide range of indoor and outdoor hot tubs with various features but with spas & stuff comes ease, comfort and value to you and your money at your doorstep at affordable price. The cherry on the top is their sale offer. Spas & stuff is the best resource to find a hot tub for sale for two persons with great deals of many available different models. Visit www.spasandstuff.com/ to get comfort delivered at your home at a discounted sale price.

  • Five Reasons Why We Love Hot Tubs

    Our day to day lives are always very difficult. We end up dealing with lots of stress, anxiety and that can lead to bad evenings and not feeling very well when we’re at home either. That’s why we need to find a simple way to deal with all the stress and just enjoy life the best possible way. And that’s where Hot Tubs come into play.

    For a very long time, Hot Tubs have been used for entertainment and just having fun in general. But in the past few years, more and more people started using them because they noticed some rather therapeutic benefits. It makes sense to use a hot tub because it helps you stay focused and healthy. Yet at the same time, it also encourages you to ditch the stress and just have fun for a change. It’s exciting, rewarding and it has the potential to push things to the next level in a very creative and powerful manner.

    Eliminating stress and relaxing your body

    This is maybe the primary reason why getting a Hot Tub makes a lot of sense. There are lots of people out there constantly trying to stay healthy and they are finding a plethora of ways that may or may not work. With a Hot Tub you get to have all of that. When you enter that hot water, your muscles immediately relax and you start feeling better. Which is great, because that’s all you need in a situation like this. You want a way to enjoy your life and just have fun for a change. It’s a great opportunity and one that has the potential to push the boundaries and just bring in a much better value and experience every time.

    At the same time, the Hot Tub is designed to help you boost your mindset into a more positive one. When you deal with lots of challenges during the day, your mind can be very dark and broody. The Hot Tub is designed to help you remove all those unwanted problems naturally and it has the potential to keep you safe and healthy all the time without any worries.

    Great for detox

    When you enter the Hot Tub, you will also be able to mimic the benefits of exercise without actually exercising. This encourages your body to sweat very fast. And as we all know, sweat will help remove toxins naturally and it has the potential to really push things to the next level in a very powerful and comprehensive manner. It’s a great opportunity for sure, and one that will give you some clever benefits and results no matter the situation.

    As you remove those toxins from your body, your skin will improve and that alone will be extremely impressive. It’s going to take quite a bit to get this done adequately, but if you tackle it right the potential will be second to none. Of course, you can take this treatment even further. You can add some Epsom salt in the hot water. This further removes toxins from the body while boosting your circulation naturally.

    Improving the power of your immune system

    What a lot of people don’t know is that Hot Tubs are great for stimulating the natural production of white blood cells in your body. Simply put, if you want your body to stimulate its natural white cell production, this will help a lot and it has the potential to boost your immunity too. It will be a lot easier for your body to deal with viruses, infections and many other health problems. As a result, you won’t get sick very often, nor will you have to deal with health issues transmitted from other people. Your immune system will be a lot stronger than you imagine, and that on its own can make quite the difference all the time. You just want to check it out and give it a try, it will be well worth the effort all the time because of it, so try to consider all the options and benefits.

    Lowering the blood pressure

    There are many of us that deal with a very high blood pressure ad that can be problematic. When you use Hot Tubs, the heart rate will speed up, the blood is sent to the surface of the body and the body heat is removed. When you have warmer blood in your system, the blood vessels will quickly dilate. That means you will lower the body temperature and your blood pressure will lower as well. It’s great if you end up with blood pressure issues more often than not. It’s very handy, convenient and it has the potential to help you a lot more than you might imagine.

    Better sleep

    If you go in the Hot Tub, you will be able to relax and just enjoy your time a whole lot more. This means you will be able to sleep a lot better, since your body will be in a full state of relaxation. It helps immensely and it has the potential to really change things to the next level. It’s definitely going to be challenging at first, but if you do this right the payoff can be quite amazing to say the least.

    Aside from these 5 reasons, there are many others that you can benefit from. For example, Hot Tubs are great for pain relief and they can really make quite the difference. They are also recommended for healing when you had an injury or dealt with a surgery. Hot Tubs are great if you have digestion issues as well. It’s safe to say that with help from a Hot Tub bath you get to revamp your body, remove toxins and improve your immunity while also feeling better than ever. We recommend you to give Hot Tubs a try especially if you want to boost your health and retain the great health that you have right now. You will be more than happy with the results; you can rest assured of it!

  • 7 hot tub tips and tricks

    Almost every one of us loves to enjoy the fun part of owning a hot tub which can help us relaxing, testing and reading our theories of time travel. However, along with enjoying the old-time gossips and recalling the memories, there are a lot of things to keep in mind. It is because you need high care while being on the top of the hot tub and need to test water chemistry more carefully.

    Well, without any doubt a hot tub is one of the most amazing things which someone can have at home. Even more, it can be a perfect center for most of your friends and family gatherings in the best possible way. If you want to make sure to spend some amazing time in your spa and to make every gathering more amazing in the best possible way then there are some amazing tips and trick which you have to consider in this regard.

    Most amazing tips and tricks for hot tub

    While you are going to make the mental notes for your upcoming hot tub star party this is highly important to think about some amazing tips and tricks to make the things more amazing. Well, do you want to know some hot tub tips and tricks which can help you to manage the things in a more effective way? Well, here we have brought 7 most amazing hot tub tips and tricks for you which are surely going to be perfect for you to know in this regard. So, have a look at the tips and tricks given below:

    1.   Use tennis balls to remove the bad stuff

    Yes, it is right. You can put some small tennis balls in your hot tub. These amazing small fibers will play an important role in cleaning up hairs, lotions, and oils which have been left behind in the water.

    2.   Avoid the use of pool chemicals in the hot tub

    If you also have a swimming pool and thinking that it can be affordable for you to use swimming pool chemicals in your hot water then you are at wrong. It is because these chemicals are being prepared for specific water amount and have to be used accordingly. Always prefer to use hot tub specified chemicals here for better benefits.

    3.   Close air injection valves properly for quick heating

    Most of the air tubs contain knobs around the hot tubs’ top edges. The basic purpose of these knobs is to let the air get mixed with your water from the jets. The air which is mixing with your water can be colder and may make your water cooler than you want. Even more, it will make the water to take more time to get hot. So, if you want to experience quick heating then this is highly important for you to keep these air injection valves closed in a proper way.

    4.   Keep testing your water

    It is always important to keep testing your hot water tub on a continuous basis to keep it at the level you want. Well, it is highly important for you to understand the fact that it takes fewer chemicals to keep your hot tub balanced as compared to the chemicals which are required to bring your neglected hot tub in its original shape.

    5.   Do not use household cleaners

    While cleaning your hot tub during your spring cleaning and may think to use your household cleaners to get rid of the buildup on your hot tub. But you should never use these household cleaners for this purpose. Although these are not going to cause any damage to your hot tub but many of these cleaners contain ammonia-based de-greasers which can disturb the chemical composition of your hot tub water.

    6.   Set a timer to avoid overflowing

    When it comes to filling your hot tub then most of the people do not know how much time it will take. However, filling your hot tub normally takes 1 to 2 hours but the time can vary due to your water capacity and water pressure.

    However, as waiting for the hot tub to be filled can be quite a boring task to do, so, it is always a better option to set a timer and complete your remaining tasks with ease. The duration of the timer you can experience in your first hot tub water filling. However, later this job will become easier for you and you can come back according to the timer. This will keep you from water overflowing with ease.

    7.   Keep the cover of your hot tub fresh

    Well, there is no doubt that the cover of the hot tub is one of the most overlooked areas in the process of cleaning the hot tubs. However, it is highly important for you to know that you must treat the cover of your hot tub in the right way to ensure its long life in the best possible way.

    As they are exposed to moisture and heat on a continuous basis, these covers can develop mildew and musty smell with ease, if you are not going to clean them in a proper way. While you can use any simple bleach solution to keep the funk away and get a well-cleaned look of your hot tub cover. Make a mixture of bleach and water and clean the cover once in 90 days for sure.

    You can never imagine a more amazing party as compared to the hot tub party at all. So, this is the perfect time when you should start planning about those amazing and enjoyable gatherings in your backyard or garden in the best possible way.

    Most of us love to enjoy the social side of our amazing hot tubs and as the spring season is getting underway it can be one of the most amazing ideas to start thinking about how you are going to manage a perfect hot tub party and who you are going to invite for this at the present time.

  • How To Deal With Spa and Hot Tub Water Color Problems?

    Spa and hot tub color problems can appear out of nowhere and they can be very problematic most of the time. The thing you have to keep in mind is that the color can change to yellow, green and other colors. So you have to figure out what causes the color change. And once you know that you can handle the issue a lot easier and eventually solve it in a proper manner. Yes it’s going to be a bit tricky to achieve that, but it all comes down to knowing the cause first.

    Pink water

    Most of the time pink water is caused by pink algae. This is not a common color, but when it does appear it shows that there are some mature pink algae colonies. The problem is that this is not easy to remove. You have to hit it hard with shock and you can also use a purge product in order to clean crevices and lines. Replacing the spa filter and bleaching all spa items is crucial if you want to avoid any problems here.

    White water

    It might seem fine, but white water is a problem. Things like air in the system that causes micro-bubbles, bad pumping and filtering, even high alkalinity or calcium can be a problem and you really want to figure out how that happens. You can also have white mold, and that’s the usual suspect here. Raise the chlorine levels to 30 PPM and while there try to run the spa for several hours with that solution inside before you drain it. Rinse all the removable items and replace the filter. You can even use a biofilm remover to clean pipes.

    Brown water

    This appears from contaminated water or it can have high levels of iron oxide. Even if the filter cartridge should remove some of it, this will not do a great job every time, so try to keep it in mind if possible. Ideally you want to use a pre-filter on the hose, it should work.

    Yellow water

    This one appears because there’s a lot of pollen in the springtime and that can enter your water. There can also be iron oxide in your water. Again, it’s a good idea to use a pre-filter if possible as this will remove minerals. And in case the bromine levels are way too high, you can use a shock treatment and then scrub and bleach wash your spa.

    Green water

    An excess of copper can lead to green water. And on top of that, you can also have algae growing in your spa water, especially if you don’t have a good protector above your spa. You need to use products like the CuLator packets or Metal Gon.

    Using these treatments is a very good idea if you want to keep the spa water safe. Yes, sometimes colors can shift really fast and you have to figure out what method you can use to solve this. It’s not going to be easy, but if you do it right results will be great and that’s all you need in the end!

  • How to Get Started Buying A Hot Tub?

    Buying a Hot Tub is a great idea. And it’s also a very good investment. We all want to unwind and de-stress upon getting home, and a good Hot Tub helps with all of that. It just makes life a whole lot better and easier. And in the end it’s one of the more exciting experiences that you can find out there. You do want to make sure that you buy the right Hot Tub however. Which is why we created a list with some of the best features to focus on when you purchase a new Hot Tub.

    Hot Tub type

    There are 2 main styles to choose from. You either go for a portable hot tub or an in-ground hot tub. The portable ones are above the ground and you can move them around. They are created from acrylic, polyethylene, fiberglass and so on. However, the ones in the ground are built into the patio area and most of the time they are created from tiles, concrete or stones. They are obviously a lot more durable, something that you do need to consider and keep in mind with this kind of stuff. Most people want the portable units because they end up being easier to use and the results alone are more consistent if you use such a tool adequately. With that in mind, a good idea is to stick with the hot tub type that really works for you.

    Size and placement

    Some Hot Tub models are very large. Others are smaller, so it does come down to size and placement at the end of the day. With that in mind, we do recommend you to think about how many people will use the hot tub in the first place. Ideally you want to take your time with this and actively focus on having a great experience. If you just go alone or with your loved one, a smaller Hot Tub will do. But if you want to throw parties and have 4 or more people in the hot tub at the same time, you do want a larger unit. Understanding your needs is crucial here. Thankfully doing that is not exactly that complicated, all you need is to have the right amount of patience and it will totally be worth it.


    Does the Hot Tub come with installation services or not? Will you have to pay those separately? Sure, at first you will be very excited about this, but then again you do have to think about the more important stuff. You need to know if you have to pay for installation separately as that can cost a lot. Ideally you want to have installation costs included or at least discounted when you purchase. If not, at least you will have control over who will install the Hot Tub, so that’s helpful anyways.

    Buying online or not

    It’s ok to buy a Hot Tub online most of the time. The idea is to know the site well and check reviews or references to see if it’s a legit website. Buying from reputable websites and going for brands that you know will surely increase the chances of having a legit, great hot tub. That doesn’t mean it will be an easy thing to do, but the payoff is there as long as you are willing to give this a shot yourself and see how it goes at the end of the day. It will be worth it however, that’s a guarantee. Speaking of that, you should go with a newer Hot Tub. There are used models on the market, but those can be damaged, plus it’s something where other people were in their bathing suits, going for an used Hot Tub is not hygienic, nor recommended.

    Hydrotherapy or not?

    Some Hot Tubs have hydrotherapy functions or an air jet system. The idea is to figure out what Hot Tub you need and just use that. Ideally you want to create a list with all those features you want and then adapt or adjust everything in a way that works for you. Just take your time, study the situation and you will be fine. It really is a great opportunity and something that you will enjoy all the same.


    Is the Hot Tub created with durability in mind? The materials used for your Hot Tub will definitely let you know whether this is a good option or not. Ideally you want to focus on a very good quality and value if possible. It will totally be worth it and you will enjoy it quite a bit. Yes there will be some challenges as you go along when it comes to defining durability for a Hot Tub. But that’s when you have to focus on reviews and other things that let you know how good the product really is.

    Maintenance costs

    Most Hot Tubs are very easy to maintain. But there are more complicated models with extra features, like an ozone generator, and those will end up being a bit costly. However if you think about energy efficiency and maintenance costs you should be able to make the right choice. Do make sure that you study every situation wisely and you actively focus on finding a solution that suits your needs very well. Once you do that adequately the payoff can be second to none.

    We encourage you to use these tips if you want to find the right Hot Tub to suit your needs. This is definitely a bit challenging, but it can pay off big time if you do this right. You will enjoy it a lot because a Hot Tub is all about comfort and having a great experience. You can’t have that if you buy a Hot Tub which you dislike or one that doesn’t deliver the comfort you want. You really need to know what you expect and as soon as you do that, nothing will stand in your way and you will get to find the Hot Tub you need!

  • Awesome Hot Tub Enclosure Ideas

    If you want to relax then nothing is better and more relaxing than a long-time soak in a hot tub. Your tense muscles and all-day stresses leaving you in a few minutes. Hot tubs are a blessing for many people who can't travel year-round or restricted by seasonal climate changes.

    There are some steps which can help you enhance your dream true hot tub. The following are a few enclosure ideas:

    Privacy Screen

          This enclosure will provide privacy as well as a degree of security from the elements and give easy convenience for a hot tub throughout the year. Gazebo like roofs allows for a cool breeze but provides you high-level protection from anything falling.

    Avoid the Elements

    Perfectly prepare your hot tub place for protection from populated winds and from other elements as well. An enclosure will help to boasts a skylight which you can see at night and throughout the year. Concrete patio slabs provide fantastic foundations against the movement of the wind. You may have bought a discount hard tubs and spas but protecting that investment should be your first priority.

    Sunlight Protection Shade

    The main purpose of this design is to allow a hot tub to be covered protected form the worst rays of the sun. These covers are easy to put on and easy to take off. If your cover gets damaged, we can quickly ship you new ones. You can also get a solar blanket and to help preheat your hot tub.

    Small space with a deck

    For those people who have a small place to work with, they just need a small deck near their hot tub. The small deck will allow you to decorate and place ornaments to enhance the space. You can also include plants and anything else to make the space unique and attractive. The end result, is a place you would love to spend your time at.

    Make sure your Structure can Support your Hot Tub

    When planning to design your area make sure your structure can support your hot tub. You should leave space, about 15-18” above the hot tub so that your cover can easily fit over the hot tub. Keep your hot tub cover on when it is not in use, to avoid unnecessary hot tub issues.

    Build a Bench around your Hot Tub

    A bench around your hot tub, provide a great place to hang out after your dip in the water. The bench around the hot tub will give a nice and clean look, that is very modern. Most people use nice wooden benches for the outside area of the hot tub area. Make sure the wood is properly sealed, or it will mold. You can also get the services of your home contractor and be provided better ideas regarding the layout of the benches around your hot tub.

    Use an Eye-catching elevated two- step design

    You should use an eye-catching elevated two-step design for easy access. It will also give a modern and fine look to your hot tub. You can also put your towel, drink, and food on these steps.

    Before designing your hot tub, you must remember to choose your hot tub location wisely by keeping all the needs in your mind. For example, your area culture, climate, and lifestyle. A perfect place for the spa is the corner of your home. Giving you easy access, plus a place that will be more comfortable and protects from the elements.

    Wishing Well

    This style of roof is influenced by the open style of protection which can be given to water wells. This covered roof allows for a landscape view and will keep you protected from the rain. This style keeps you out of direct sunlight.

    Maintain your Privacy

    Every person wants to keep his/her hot tub time personal and does not want to share with anybody, especially with neighbors. Fence enclosures and blanket coverings provide you complete privacy and you can enjoy your soak as the way you want.

    Living Space

    Provide a proper home to your hot tub so you can relax at the end of the day when you feel tired and want to spend some time with yourself and in search of some relaxation. Why have just a hot tub, when you can extend this to include a place to relax and enjoy throughout the year. A place outdoors that comes alive as a living place.


    Decks are basically an addition in your living place; it is an advanced way to extend your living space. It allows for enjoying your outdoor place.


    If you feel like you need some protection, it may be from neighbors or from hot weather. Then you should use the idea of hot tub pergola, it will provide you protection from various elements. And you can enjoy your soak in hot tub water.

    Inviting an Atmosphere

    If you want to spend your time in unique way that you can place your hot tub at that place from where you are able to watch movie or you can use your laptop if your hot tub is an open area and you want to enjoy the weather and open sky by using the idea of two steps or by putting a wooden bench near the hot tub.

    Set your Hot Tub with a Natural setting

    You are thinking to make you hot tub area more attractive and eye-catching then you can use different ideas to make this place attractive and beautiful. You can use colorful rocks and put them around the hot tub. It will give a fine look. You can also use some follower to make the place stylish and romantic. It will make the view beautiful and you will enjoy your soak with feeling a beautiful fragrance around yourself. 2 Person hot tubs for sale are available you can purchase it and make your time special with your loved ones.  

  • How can you choose the best hot tubs for sale?

    Finding the right hot tubs for sale can be very tricky at times. That’s the reason why you need to understand what features you want and adapt that to your own requirements. Normally getting a good hot tub is all about personal preference, but there are some obvious challenges you may have to deal with as well. Which is why we encourage you to really take your time and study the market.

    Read reviews

    The best hot tubs for sale will always have great reviews. If you want a hot tub and you see that the overall price is not the best for you or the reviews are really bad to begin with, chances are that you may want to find some other unit. Of course, you still need to check features and other options, but for the most part the best hot tubs will also bring in quite a bit of value. If most people that got the hot tub don’t like it, then you may not like it as well. Reviews are indeed a good insight into what performance and value you get for the money. Sure, some reviews are biased, but if most reviews are not ok then it’s clear something is wrong and you have to handle the issue as fast as possible.

    How many people will get in?

    That depends on the situation obviously, if you just want a hot tub for you and your loved one then you should just go with a smaller model. But if you also want friends to join in the fun, then a 6-person hot tub will be a lot better. There are even larger models too, so try to take your time as you make the right pick here. You also need to check your budget because some of these models can be rather expensive.

    Inflatable or not

    Some of the better hot tubs for sale are inflatable, others are not. It’s up to you to figure out what model you need. Inflatables are great because you can easily deflate them and store them away. So it makes a lot of sense to use that kind of product for the most part. Yes, it can be a bit time-consuming to find the right model, but for the most part inflatable models will be the one you will like using the most.

    What do you want to use it for?

    Most hot tubs for sale are suitable for entertainment purposes at your home. Other people need a hot tub because they want to complete their own gazebo and you will also find persons that don’t care about the model type or anything like that if the one they purchase will help them relax and just boost their wellbeing for a change. Something like this is truly spectacular and amazing, exactly what you need from a product like this.

    When do you want to use it?

    If you want to use the hot tub during the winter too, then you obviously need a very durable model. As we mentioned above, inflatables are great for the summer but they don’t really work the entire year. And that’s going to be an issue if you want a hot tub that works and runs great for the complete year. Which is why you do need to think about all these things, otherwise it’s bound to be quite the challenge and a problem for some people as well.

    See it as an investment

    Most people see the hot tubs for sale as a cost. You shouldn’t go into this with such an approach. See the hot tub as an investment. It is a great investment and one that has the potential to bring in quite an amazing set of results if you use it right. That being said, you must consider adding some more money to the budget if you want a durable and reliable hot tub. Even if it might seem like a waste of money on a pricey product, the fact that it will last for many more years will make the return on investment a whole lot better in the end.

    Does it have accessories or not?

    Usually most hot tubs for sale will have their own set of basic accessories. But if you want to improve its use in the long run, you can go with a variety of accessories too. The idea is to identify what accessories work for you, if they are expensive and so on. most of the time if accessories are costly then it’s a good idea to go for another model. That being said, if you can get an entire set of accessories and the hot tub itself at a very good price you should consider doing that.

    Second hand or not?

    There are second hand hot tubs on the market if you want to go down that route. We don’t recommend those, just because they have wear and tear, not to mention it’s a lot better to go for a newer model. It’s more sanitary and also you get to have all those latest features that a lot of people want to have from their own unit anyway.

    As you can see, picking the right hot tubs for sale will always be very challenging. Sometimes it can be easy, other times less so. But you need to be committed and you have to actively figure out the right approach that will help you find a good hot tub. Patience, reading reviews and also asking for some recommendations from friends does work a lot. We encourage you to be open to just about any model within your budget. You never know what product will give you the most features, so try to keep your eyes open for any kind of features that you may need. Plus, contacting a team of experts and requesting some advice can work too. We are here to help you find the right hot tubs for sale, so don’t hesitate and get in touch today for more information!

  • Thinking Of Buying a Hot Tub? Reasons Why You Should Do It

    To many, hot tubs and spas seem to be a luxury that they wouldn’t afford to bring into their homes. What they don’t know is that they cannot afford to not have a hot tub. Hot tubs are not just for relaxing in; blowing off steam literally after a long day’s job. There are numerous other benefits that come with having a hot tub. And with the possibilities of hot tubs for sale at wholesale prices and discount hot tubs, we don’t see why you shouldn’t have one:

    • Can be used any time of the year

    You’d have lost your marbles to use the swimming pool in the winter. The good thing with having a hot tub is that you are restricted to using it certain times of the year. You can use them in the summer, fall, winter and spring. With a hot tub, you have the license to be outside enjoying the sight of a starry night, changing leaves, colorful sunsets and fallen snow when in other cases, you wouldn’t be able to.

    • Health benefits

    If you thought hot tubs are all about having a good time, you’ll be astounded to know that there are health benefits too. For example, being in the hot water helps improve blood flow and circulation, relax the muscles as well as ease pain. And with the natural buoyancy that comes with being in a hot tub, your muscles and joints have a small break as there is reduced pressure and strain.

    •  Help with sleep

    Do you struggle with getting sleep at night? If you have a hot tub, you need not be groggy on the next day. When you soak in your hot tub for 15 minutes, two hours before you go to bed, you raise the body temperature. With the rapid-cool down that follows afterwards, you get to relax and this aids in sleeping.

    • Relaxing

    This list wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t include that hot tubs are a great way to unwind- alone or with your friends. You could be in the hot tub reading a book, meditating, enjoying some me-time or you could relax with friends, drinking some wine while you soak in the sunshine. All of these will help alleviate stress and improve on your general sense of well-being.

    As you can see, hot tubs and spas shouldn’t be left only to the echelon of the society. You could also get one because the benefits are too many not to afford. Besides, you can take advantage of our discount on hot tubs.

  • How to Care for Your Inflatable Hot Tub



    Inflatable hot tubs are an excellent option for those consumers lacking the space, or possibly the budget to purchase a fixed position hot tub. Inflatable tubs come with their own set of differences compared to built-in models, and they also come with a different set of maintenance and care guidelines that should be followed. Whether you're moving, looking to store your hot tub in the coming months for winter, or just cleaning it, this post offers helpful steps to assist you in caring for your inflatable hot tub.


    Keep Your Hot Tub Covered

    This tidbit applies to any hot tub, but can be particularly important in the long-term use and care of an inflatable hot tub. Using a cover on your hot tub helps prevent debris from the surrounding environment from settling in the water and potentially clogging your filters. Additionally, a cover helps collect water vapor as it condenses on the lid, dripping back into the tub. This helps reduce, but does not eliminate, the loss of solids such as calcium from precipitating out of the water.

    On top of everything else, a good cover helps prevent fluctuations in the temperature of your hot tub. When this occurs, you'll wait less for the hot tub to warm up before use, and save energy costs.


    Empty the Tub Regularly

    Inflatable hot tubs have a few advantages compared to their built-in, rigid cousins. The easiest way to clean your tub from top to bottom is to drain the water and wash down the sides and seats. This task is more difficult in a traditional tub. An inflatable tub is easy to empty, and can be cleaned with warm, soapy water.


    Cleaning the Empty Tub

    Once you've cleaned the empty tub, you'll find it much easier to clean because you won't need to use any special cleaners. As mentioned above, warm, soapy water is enough to get the job done. In fact, using abrasive cleaners when caring for your inflatable tub can actually compromise the durability and strength of your inflatable tub's walls. Once you have emptied the tub and cleaned its sides, make sure to thoroughly rinse your tub of soapy water before refilling it and using it next.


    Should I use Soft Water?

    Using soft water in a hot tub or pool is not recommended. The salt used is an additional dissolved solid in your water, and it can be very difficult to balance the pH if soft water is used.



    Finally, if you're getting ready to store your inflatable hot tub in the next few months as winter temperatures descend on the country, you'll want to proceed with caution. After you've emptied the tub, cleared the filters and heaters, make sure you store everything in a warm, dry location. Before storing the tub itself, give it ample time to dry out. Water can freeze and thaw, expanding and contracting throughout the winter, and compromise the integrity of your inflatable hot tub.


    Inflatable hot tubs are easy to set up, can be moved from one location to the next easily and provide the same benefits as a regular hot tub for a lot less. If an inflatable hot tub sounds like something you’d like to own for your home,



  • Hot Tubs & Kids



    Using your spa is a great way to relax and enjoy some time alone or with family and friends, but it’s very important to be extra careful when children are in the hot tub. Ultimately, your spa can be a great place for kids to relax too, but there are several safety precautions that should be taken before bringing a child into a hot tub. Here at Spas & Stuff, we want to make sure you’re taking advantage of all of the fun things to do with your spa when your kids are in it, while remaining safe at the same time.

    Safety is Key: Safety first! Staying safe in your spa is the most important thing. Children under the age of five should not be using the spa, as young children tend to overheat faster than adults. If your child is five years old or older, have them stand in the center of the hot tub. If he or she is tall enough to be in the center of the tub without their head under water, they are tall enough and old enough to be in the hot tub. The reasoning behind this test is to prevent drowning. This unnecessary tragedy can be prevented by keeping a close eye on your child, only letting them stay in the spa for fifteen minute sessions, and making sure they meet height and age requirements.

    Activities, Activities, Activities!: As much as your spa is a place to relax, it can also be a place to socialize and have fun. Whether your older kids are having some friends over to enjoy some time in the spa or you’re looking for something fun to do with the little ones, your spa can be the place! One activity you can do with kids is a backyard scavenger hunt. Set up fun riddles and prizes around your deck or backyard and have the final destination be the hot tub! Or, have the kids enjoy a scavenger hunt while you keep an eye on them from the spa. If your kids are too old for a scavenger hunt, you can easily set up some snacks and beverages at a nearby table so that they can socialize. Just make sure to leave the food outside of the hot tub!

    Accessories on Accessories: Your spa is obviously not as large as a pool, so there is not enough room for large floats and rafts, however there is plenty of room for other fun accessories! Your kids can easily bring in small pool toys to play with and you can purchase accessories like the Deluxe Spa Head Rest and the Deluxe Spa Seat Cushion to help you feel as comfortable as possible when in your spa.

    With small accessories and little games to play, it’s easy to have a good time with kids in your hot tub. Just remember to be safe when using your spa! If you would like to experience the fun of owning your own home spa, check out our selection of hot tubs for sale, here! We even provide free shipping to 48 states!



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