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General Hot Tub Spa Questions

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How much does it cost in electricity to operate a hot tub?
"More Truth About Microban® and Anti-Microbial Agents in Acrylic Sheet"
How long does it take to heat a hot tub up?
Should I keep my spa hot or let it cool down?
How much water does a hot tub hold?
Can I use our hot tub in the winter? What if we choose not to?
What is the difference between an air injector and a jet?
Does a spa need to be filled and drained each time it is used?
How do I clean the acrylic surface of my spa?
How to Properly Winterize Your Hot Tub
How long can you run the pump on a hot tub?
Do you purchase used spas or sell on consignment?
Do you ship to the United Kingdom?
How to Drain a Hot Tub