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Hi. I was wondering if this spa could be purchased more 'basic'. We wanted a large space like this but Not so many jets & other bells & whistles. We don't need music or any extras. What would be the price for just the basic spa with enough jets to keep it circulating properly. We'd just like to 'float around on an inner tube, etc". I have only seen this size with a Swim Spa and don't want that either. We're in the high desert of Southern California. Thanks in advance for your assistance.

This is definitely a uniquely large hot tub and is not a swim spa. There are not swim spa river jets on this model. The price as shown actually is the base spa. If you peruse the page, you can see for example, that adding optional items like fountain jets or a stereo cost extra. The factory does not allow us to put less pumps or jets on the spa though. Of course a spa only circulates and heats using the main pump on low speed. Therefore, if you wanted minimal water action, just have pump one on low speed. But the nice thing is, if you are ever in the mood for more water action, you can turn on pump 2 and 3 and have all the jets working.