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How to Drain a Hot Tub

Most hot tubs are equipped with a drain. The ends of the drain typically have a garden hose thread fitting so you can connect a garden hose and direct the water off into your yard or someplace like that. Another easy and fast way to drain your spa is to simply use a garden hose to start a siphon. It will get all but about an inch of water out of the bottom of your spa. 1. Lay out a garden hose with one end inside the spa. 2. Turn the spa pump on high speed. 3. Hold one end of the garden hose in front of a large jet to force water through the hose and to “prime” the siphon. You will see water running out the other end of the hose. 4. Once the water is flowing freely, turn the pump off and drop the hose into the bottom of the spa 5. Immediately turn off the power to the hot tub as you don't want to damage it by having it run without water! The water will automatically siphon from the spa and into the yard. Be sure the hose stays in the lowest point of the hot tub. You may need to put a weight on the garden hose to keep it in place during the siphoning.