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Hot Tub Reviews and Installation Photos

# 77
Hot Tub Model: Laguna Lounger Premium
Pennsylvania Hot Tubs Pennsylvania Hot Tubs

Comment 1) The spa is the best investment I ever made!!! I felt so good after being in it!! It was just lovely!!


Comment 2) The hot tub is my love of my Life I was in last night OMG I LOVE IT!!!!!!!


Comment 3) We all love the tub!!! It has helped all of us !!! THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!


Roxanne in Three Rivers, Pennsylvania (West of Harrisburg, PA - between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, PA)

Iowa Hot Tub Buy Hot Tubs Pennsylvania Buy Hot Tubs Pennsylvania

# 76 Hot Tub Model: Laguna Lounger Essentials Hot Tub (Midnight Opal Acrylic)
Hot Tubs British Columbia Hot Tubs BC Outdoor Hot Tubs Vancouver Outdoor Spas Vancouver

Pictures of our hot tub. We are happy with the product and service………feel free to send people to me for a reference. Cheers

Sean in Maple Ridge, BC (near Vancouver, Surrey, Abotsford and Burnaby, BC)

# 75 Hot Tub Model: Laguna Lounger Elite Hot Tub (Silver White Marble Acrylic)
Hot Tubs Maryland Hot Tubs Spas Maryland Outdoor Hot Tubs Baltimore Outdoor Spas Baltimore Hey Mike... the spa is great.  Because of the heat we've had this year I haven't used it too much in the last couple of months (hence the big inflatable pool in some of the pics), but now that football season is back I'm sure it will be busy.  As a single guy living downtown in a party neighborhood, the spa has been great to have. :)  Definitely a good investment!
Chris in Baltimor, MD (near Washington DC)

# 74

Hot Tub Model: Laguna Lounger Elite Hot Tub (Oyster Opal Acrylic)

Colorado Hot Tubs Colorado Hot Tubs Spas Colorado Outdoor Hot Tubs

Mike, here are a few pics at night.  If you want a larger file of any specific pics please let me know I will send them over.  Haven’t had a chance to take days pics so if you want some of those please let me know as well.  Been using the tub at least every other night and I can see it being habit forming.   Great layout as well and I can’t say we have a favorite seat as they all serve different purposes!

Thanks again for all the help! 
Chad in Leadville, CO (between Denver,Grand Junction and Colorado Springs, CO)

Colorado Outdoor Spas Outdoor Hot Tubs Colorado Outdoor Spas Colorado

# 73 Hot Tub Model: Aspen DS   (Starry Night Blue)
Hot Tubs Missouri Hot Tubs Missouri Hot Tubs Missouri Hot Tubs Missouri  

Mike here are some pictures, We love our new hot tub.

Richard in Milo, MO (between Kansas City and Springfield, Missouri)


# 72 Hot Tub Model: Tuscany 7-8 Person Hot Tub (Tuscan Sun Acrylic and Natural Cedar Cabinet)
Iowa Hot Tubs Pennsylvania Hot Tubs


Got it and love it. Thanks so much mike. U have been a joy to work with. So refreshing to have someone take pride in their work.

Thanks Mike. I also posted them on my Facebook n have already recommended u to two friends.

Carolyn in Bee Branch, Arkansas (north of Little Rock)

Iowa Hot Tub Iowa Hot Tubs on Sale  

# 71 Hot Tub Model: Utopia Hot Tub (Acrylic Color - Sierra)
New York Hot Tubs New York Hot Tubs


Replacement for tub damaged in flood. Mike has been great service wonderful. Very satisfied with our tub. Installed on enclosed deck fit right in doorway. Any questions or help Mike right there. Recommend to any one.

Richard in Harpursville, NY  (between Binghamton and Albany, New York)

# 70 Hot Tub Model: Capri Hot Tub (Acrylic Color - Caribbean Blue)
Colorado Hot Tubs Colorado Hot Tubs


I love the Capri model. It is just big enough for two of us.

Kathy in Colorado Springs, CO  (between Denver and Pueblo, CO)

# 69 Hot Tub Model: Keystone (Acrylic Color - Desert Horizon)
Hot Tubs California Hot Tubs California


We love our Spa!!!

Thanks for your great service too!!

Tova in Pine Mountain Club, CA (East of San Francisco, Oakland and Manteca, CA)

Update: ...the water looks and feels good (hot tub has the in.clear bromine generating system). We are REALLY enjoying our tub, it is one of the best things we have ever done for ourselves. Thanks again for all your assistance.

Hot Tubs California Hot Tubs California

# 68 Hot Tub Model: Alta ES (Acrylic Color - Desert Horizon)
Washington State Hot Tubs Washington State Hot Tubs Buy Hot Tubs Washington

We really love the new hot tub. The jet locations and their strength feels great, and the lounger seat is really comfortable.

Charles in Olympia, Washington (South of Tacoma and Seattle, WA)

# 67 Hot Tub Model: Serenity 2 Person Hot Tub
Iowa Hot Tubs Pennsylvania Hot Tubs

Mike, here are some photos of our spa. The one with Tina alone with the unit not running really shows how clear the water is.
The water is so clear sometimes you wonder if there is water in it!!!!!!
I'm glad you talked me into the IN-CLEAR SYSTEM. And there is no chlorine smell.


Neal in Belmond, Iowa (North of Des Moines and NW of Cedar Rapids, near Mason City, IA)


Editor Comment: who new 6 young girls could fit in a 2 person hot tub.

Iowa Hot Tub Iowa Hot Tubs on Sale Buy Iowa Hot Tubs

# 66 Hot Tub Model: Alpine DS Hot Tub (Sterling Silver Acrylic - white)
Hot Tubs Spas Alabama
Hey Mike, Spa is here; looks good. I'll be finishing the wiring this weekend.
Follow up: Your note caused me to take the tub out of mothballs! Still too hot in the evening, but this morning was very nice.
I've attached a picture I just took. Let me know if it's too dark.

John in Tuscaloosa, AL (near Birmingham and Montgomery, AL)

# 65 Hot Tub Model: Paradise Hot Tub (Sterling Silver Acrylic - white)
Hot Tubs York Hot Tubs NY

Mike, Here is a picture if our comleted hot tub project.
We received our glasses, thank you, as you can see David is enjoying a rather large manhattan in the hot tub! If your previous offer for a credit still stands we would like to place an order for additional glasses.

Gail and David in Dundee, NY (near Syracuse, Ithaca and Auburn, NY)


# 64 Hot Tub Model: Avalon Hot Tub (Silver White Marble Acrylic)
Hot tubs for sale in Connecticut

Hi Mike, I finally got around to sending this picture of my daughter having lunch in her favorite spot…. our new hot tub!!! We all love it and use it often. thanks and can't wait for our new Tervis tumblers.

Take care, Jamie in Greenwich, Connecticut (near Stamford, CT and Port Chester, NY)

# 63 Hot Tub Model: Avalon XL 110 Volt (Silver White Marble Acrylic)
Hot Tub Sales - San Franscisco Hot Tub Sales - San Franscisco Hot Tub Sales - San Franscisco

Enjoy the pictures of this beautiful deck side installation of an Avalon XL 110.

One of our many 110 volt hot tubs.

Austin in Windsor, CA (north of San Francisco and Santa Rosa, California)

Hot Tub Sales - San Franscisco Hot Tub Sales - San Franscisco Hot Tub Sales - San Franscisco

# 62
Hot Tub Model: Avalon XL Hot Tub (Silver White Marble Acrylic)
Hot Tubs Yacht Spas in Yacht Deck Hot Tub on Yacht  

This Avalon XL hot tub from Spas And Stuff is custom installed in the brand new Argos Yacht.  The yacht will be for sale in Florida in the fall of 2009.

Yacht Hot Tubs Hot Tubs Spas Yacht Yacht Hot Tubs Spas

# 61 Hot Tub Model: Avalon XL Hot Tub (Kalahari Acrylic)
Hot Tubs Spas Maine

My wife and I love the hot tub! She is already pestering me for a hot tub at home!

The advantage of selling me the hot tub is that there will be many persons using the tub, and I will tell them where I bought it and about your superior service before and after the sale. I have already sung your praises to possible hot tub buyers.

Paul (rental cabin ) in Freedom, Maine (between Bangor and Augusta)

# 60 Hot Tub Model: Avalon Hot Tub  (Tahoe Blue)
Hot Tubs Tampa Hot Tub Florida Hot Tubs Spas Tampa Hot Tubs Spas Florida  

Here are some Pictures. We like the spa. Use it daily.

Thanks, Tom in Tampa, FL  (near Clearwater, St. Petersburg and Sarasota Florida)


# 59 Hot Tub Model: Avalon XL Hot Tub (Silver White Marble)
Hot Tubs North Carolina North Carolina Hot Tubs Hot Tubs Spas North Carolina  

I got in it last weekend and I love it. I did receive the manuel. Thank you And I will send pics soon. Thanks again.

Melody in Greensboro, NC (Near Winston-Salem, Charlotte and Chapel Hill, NC)


# 58 Hot Tub Model: Avalon XL Hot Tub (Cinnabar Granite)
Hot Tubs in Ontario Canada We absolutely love our spa. It is so soothing and relaxing and we enjoy our family time in the tub. The delivery was fast and Mike has been an excellent resource to any questions we have. We would not hesitate to recommend our spa--it is all that we need! We put the tumblers to the test and they are awesome! Thank you so much Mike--you have been truly amazing to deal with and I would recommend your business to anyone - even to us Canadians!!!

Eileen in Brighton, Ontario, Canada (near Oshawa and Kingston)

# 57 Hot Tub Model: Avalon Hot Tub (Kalahari)
Hot Tub in US Virgin Islands The hot tub is working out great. Of course we drained it for the hot summer months. (That’s what the pool is good for)
Here is one of the shots we are using on our website: https://www.kiwicliffs.com/ (scroll through the slideshow to find it).
Once Fall/Winter rolls around we are headed back down there and I will be sure to take another with the lid off & showing the bubbly water!

Alisa in the US Virgin Islands
Hot Tubs in US Virgin Islands


Well it took a little while but at least we finally have a nicer photo of the hot tub for you to use on your website. Thanks again for everything! Alisa

# 56 Hot Tub Model: Avalon 110 Volt Hot Tub (Cinnabar Granite)
IL Hot Tubs Mike. Many thanks for all you have done, from 1st contact all the way to after the delivery. What a pleasure to do business with Spas N Stuff. We searched lots of web site's, and visited many stores, and none compared to your price, quality, and customer service.

Like everyone says when they get the tub, right away everyone picks their favorite seat and color scheme for the lighting.. We added on the cover lifter and would recommend it to everyone who buys.. it really is a "must have".. the pictures are from mothers day.. outside temps in the high 30's, but everyone is staying warm. I definitely would recommend your company to everyone.

Many thanks again.
Larry and Kathy from Woodstock, IL (near Chicago and Joliet, IL)

PS: My brother and parents will soon be customers I believe. They are amazed with the whole thing.
IL Hot Tubs Spas

# 55 Hot Tub Model: Avalon 110 Volt Hot Tub
110 Volt Hot Tub in CT Three words to start off…we love it! When we first installed it, we all picked our “seats” (we have 2 kids) and it seems to fit the entire family perfectly.
My husband and I own a small hardware store and some days we are both working hard, on our feet all day, lifting heavy stuff. At the end of a hard day, we look forward to getting into that tub. This past fall & winter, we always kept the temperature around 98°, and when we wanted to go in, we would raise the temp to around 102° and within 3-4 hours it was nice and hot (convenient that it’s only 3 steps to the back door too. We would clear a path in the snow to the stairs to the backyard and around the spa every time it snowed. We have had many a 15° night soaking in the tub with snow all around.
We were a little concerned how the 110 Volt Hot Tub would fare in cold New England winters (even our electrician was curious), but can now say wonderfully, and very little increase in electricity usage. Where we live, there are no street lights, so on a starry cold night, it is absolutely serene with the hot water soothing our aches and the stars to look up and relax.
The cover that came with the spa is really ideal – on the colder nights, we only open half for me and my husband and it stays close to 102° for 30-45 minutes.
Thanks for all the help as we purchased it. Both my husband and I never had a hot tub before this, and highly recommend it and Spas-N-Stuff to anyone.

Thanks, Melissa & John in Simsbury, CT (near Manchester and Hartford, CT)

I just ordered some chemicals and I also wanted to say that we ordered an Avalon 110V system over 2 years ago, and have used it regularly, except for really hot & humid days. It's going strong with very little maintenance required. It's a pleasure to own and use after my husband and I work in our hardware store all day, waiting on customers, lifting merchandise and being on our feet. it doesn't use that much more energy, and on cooler (and even snowy) nights, we raise the temp right when we get home, and in a few hours, it's 101+ and perfect to soak away the aches. We recommend you (Spas N Stuff) to anyone wanting a spa, and love that we didn't have to do special wiring for ours.

# 54 Hot Tub Model: Avalon XL Hot Tub (Kalahari) 
Texas Hot Tub Hot Tubs Texas My husband and I love the Hot Tub. We have used it just about every night since we got it last Friday. It is awesome. I will take pictures and send them to you. I will recommend you to anyone interested in a hot tub.

Follow up note: Here are a few pictures. I will take some more during the daytime hours. We love the Avalon XL and feel this is one of the best investments we have made.

Thanks, Landon and Kathy in Copperas Cover, TX

(Between Austin, Houston, Dallas and San Antonio, TX)

Texas Spa Hot Tub  

# 53 Hot Tub Model: Avalon Hot Tub (Tahoe Blue)
Hot Tub San Francisco
Hi Mike,

Spas N StuffHere's how the spa looks at night. I also did a review of you to yelp.com. I'm not sure if you have it in Florida, but here, it's where tons of people look for recommendations on things. Read the review, click:

A sample from the review "If you're thinking of buying a spa, I highly suggest this company. We got the features of a spa twice the price, and I haven't seen customer service this good in a long, long time."

Thanks again for such great service, and especially sending us the spa that rids us of all our daily stress.

Ted in San Francisco, CA (near Oakland and San Jose)
Avalon models are 30 inches deep so that they can go through a standard doorway. Great for indoor installations too.
Portable Hot Tub San Francisco
San Francisco Hot Tub Lights

# 52 Hot Tub Model: Free-Spirit Lounger Elite Hot Tub (Acrylic - Oyster Opal)
North Carolina hot tub review North Carolina hot tub review


Hey Mike, I wanted to let you know that our hot tub is fantastic! It was such a great purchase! I also wanted to say thanks to all of the countless e-mails back and forth from questions about buying to setting it up.

You were available every single time I needed help and answered every e-mail. The customer service with this company is amazing and will keep me coming back to buy more things I need to keep the hot tub running.

I did include some pics of the spa itself, the lights and the spa cover/cover lift assist, feel free to post whichever ones you want.

The in.clear system is great, I love not having the chemical feeling on your skin when you get out of the water.

For anyone curious about the kind of hot tub in the pictures, we got the free spirit lounger elite in the oyster opal and the cabinet and stairs is a slate gray.

Keep up the good work and thanks again for such a great spa! I know we will be enjoying it for years to come!

Sarah-Kate in Indian Trail, NC (Near Charlotte, NC)

North Carolina hot tub review North Carolina hot tub review
North Carolina hot tub review North Carolina hot tub review
North Carolina hot tub review North Carolina hot tub review

# 51 Hot Tub Model: Free-Spirit Elite Hot Tub (Acrylic - Oyster Opal)
Buy Hot Tubs Indiana Buy Hot Tubs Indiana


Mike, here are some hot tub pictures for use on your website as you see fit. Let me know if you would like some different or better angles. Donna said you were looking for some. So far it has been a pleasure doing business with you. The tub is as advertised. We had it set up within an hour and were enjoying it eight hours after delivery!! Thanks.

Randy in Crawfordsville, IN (North of Terre Haute and Indianapolis, Indiana)

Buy Hot Tubs Indiana Buy Hot Tubs Indiana

# 50 Hot Tub Model: Free-Spirit Lounger Premium Hot Tub (Silver White Marble)
hot tubs spas texas spas hot tubs texas

Brent has created a fantastic indoor hot tub spa room with his Free-Spirit Lounger Premium. For extra convenience, he added the in.clear automatic bromine system to his spa. "The water is crystal clear."

Brent has his hot tub in Bay City, Texas (between Houston and San Antonio, TX)

# 49 Hot Tub Model: Free-Spirit Lounger Elite Hot Tub with Stereo option (Midnight Opal)
  Sauna Model: 3 Person Carbon Fiber Infrared Sauna
ME Hot Tubs Maine Hot Tubs

We were building a new house here in the states (a year plus project) but still living and working in Europe. We had researched hot tubs both online and at local area stores in the area of which we were building.


We ended up purchasing a Free-Spirit Lounger Elite from Spas N Stuff as nowhere could we come close to matching the price, features and included items with the hot tub from here. Add all those pluses with the fact that the customer service from Mike was beyond believable and our interaction with him made the entire process, stress free and a breeze.


We have had subcontractors in our house that have hot tubs as well but none of them have the 53 jets, 2 6 HP motors and then when I tell them what we paid and what was all included, they are even more amazed. Our new hot tub was installed in our sunroom and since moving into our new house 3 weeks ago, we have been in it between 8-12 times. At first we were just going to purchase the hot tub without the radio, but we finally decided to include the radio and are we glad we did. It works great and is definitely worth the money.


We also have the aromatherapy option and it is nice after a hard days work to fire up all the jets, listen to whatever music we are in the mood for and just relax with the smells. Mike you sell an awesome product at a fantastic price. Add that to your unmatched customer service and attention and this purchase has been one of the best ones we have ever made. THANK YOU !!


Jeff in Hampden, ME (near Bangor, Watervelle, northeast of Augusta, ME)

Hot Tubs Spas Maine Maine Outdoor Hot Tubs
ME Hot Tubs Spas Saunas in Maine

# 48 Hot Tub Model: Free-Spirit Lounger Elite Hot Tub   (Silver White Marble)
Hot Tubs Modesto Hot Tubs Modesto CA Hot Tubs Spas Modesto Hot Tubs Spas Modesto CA  

Thanks for the follow-up. The spa is great. I attached a couple pic’s. Thanks for all your help.

Thanks, Brad in Modesto, CA  (near Stockton, Manteca, Livermore, Turlock and Merced, CA)


# 47 Hot Tub Model: Free-Spirit Lounger Elite Hot Tub with Stereo (Oyster Opal)
Hot Tubs New York Hot Tubs New York Hot Tubs New York Hot Tubs New York Hot Tubs New York


# 46 Hot Tub Model: Free-Spirit Premium Hot Tub (Ponderosa Pine)
Hot Tubs Lake Placid

Hi Mike, Here's the picture of us enjoying the spa on the first day. It's great! As you can see, we are using cheap plastic cups for our drinks right now, so the tumblers will come in handy. 

Tom in Keene, NY (near Lake Placid and Burlington, VT)

UPDATE (Mar, 2010)..."the spa's been great!  The chemicals have been easy.  It's costing us about $35 / month in electricity during our cold winter.  We drained it, cleaned it and refilled it once last summer, with no problems.  Very nice product!  Thanks again."

# 45 Hot Tub Model: Free-Spirit Lounger Elite Hot Tub (Midnight Opal)
NY Hot Tubs NY Hot Tubs Spas Hey Mike,
Here are the pictures of our tub. Its of our two kids and my niece and nephew. We all really enjoy the tub. Its been a pleasure doing business with you!


Megan and Jeremy in Amsterdam, NY (near Albany, Schenectady and Troy, NY)

# 44 Hot Tub Model: Free-Spirit Lounger Premium Hot Tub (Silver White Marble)
GA Hot Tubs GA Hot Tub GA Spas Hottubs Mike, thank you so much for your response and update. you are the reason your business must be successful.
Many thanks I am delighted we purchased from you and will recommend your company to several of our friends.

Ken in Meansville, GA (near Atlanta GA and Columbus)

# 43

Hot Tub Model: Free-Spirit Lounger Elite Hot Tub (Cinnabar Granite)

New Mexico Hot Tubs
We love the spa, Mike. A million thanks.
We will send more pictures again in the spring.

Thanks, Laura and Dan in Pecos, NM (Near Santa Fe and Albuquerque)

# 42 Hot Tub Model: Free-Spirit Elite Hot Tub (Oyster Opal)
US Virgin Islands Spa Hot Tub US Virgin Islands Hi Mike,
Our 'Spas N Stuff'' hot tub is terrific. It looks classy and works well and easily. Having such a well designed and engineered unit at Sunset Vista gives us great peace of mind, given our relatively remote Virgin Island location. The fail safe and user friendly features make it far less likely we'll need repairs any time soon.

Your sincere interest and attitude in getting us just the right product and the ease with which you accomplished the difficult shipping and packaging for the container ship and trucking to St. John made the whole process so much simpler than I imagined.

Your experience, concern and follow-up after the sale made all the difference. Thanks for your kind assistance and expert service, Mike. I'll definitely recommend to our owner group that we come back to you for hot tubs at the other 2 homes on St. John.

Best Regards, Kevin in St Louis, MO (Hot Tub in US Virgin Islands)
US Virgin Islands Hot Tub  

# 41 Hot Tub Model: Free-Spirit Lounger Essentials Hot Tub (Tahoe Blue)
Hot Tubs New York
Hot tubs are lots of fun to enjoy with friends, in this case 9 friends at once. Now that is hot tub fun!

"I can't wait to see Sarah on your site! Thanks for everything, you have been so nice and helpful Mike. I will speak to you again."

Deb in Bethpage, NY (Hot Tubs on Long Island)

# 40 Hot Tub Model: Free-Spirit Lounger Elite Hot Tub (Oyster Opal)
Long Island Hot Tubs

I just wanted to take the time and thank you again for such a great spa buying experience. You were with me every step of the way, and I couldn't have felt more sure of my decision, thanks to you.

You were there for support, advice, any questions I had, and you even knew when it was delivered and emailed me to make sure everything went OK. I don't think I have ever been better supported through an online purchase in my life. No one should be skeptical about such a large online purchase because it not only saved me a lot of money from buying one in a store, (I shopped at a dozen stores) it was very convenient as far as delivery, set up and everything in between.

Here are a bunch of pictures, choose which ones you think show the spa pads the best, as well as the hot tub. Since it only got hooked up yesterday evening, it's still a work in progress, but you can see how the spa pad was sunk into the ground so it is level with the ground, and the stepping stones are sitting on top of the spa pad and the dirt. Some areas have to fill in with grass, and I also am getting 3/4 inch grey/blue stone to fill the gaps between the stepping stones and the spa, this way you won't even see the remainder of the spa pad. The rock should match the house and the spa pretty nicely. I'll send you some pictures of that when I'm done as well. As I said earlier, feel free to give my email for any questions, or references that may arise.

Vinny in Westbury, NY (Long Island, NY)

Hot Tubs Long Island
Hot Tubs Spas Long Island

# 39  Hot Tub Model: Free-Spirit Lounger Elite Hot Tub (Silver White Marble)
North Carolina Hot Tub Hot Tub Spa NC (from a note copied to Spas N Stuff)
1stSgt Massey, here's the info on the company that I bought my tub from.

Mike is a great guy to deal with. I try to spend every night in my tub.

Any time you want to come by and look at mine give me a call.

MGySgt Wilson, Jacksonville, NC (near Wilmington and New Bern)

**Note: When considering decking in a hot tub as seen in these photos and others below, it is important to have access to the spa cabinet in case there is ever a need to service the hot tub.
NC Hot Tub  

# 38 Hot Tub Model: Free-Spirit Lounger Premium Hot Tub (Oyster Opal)
Ohio Hot Tub 1 Ohio Hot Tub Spa

Hi Mike, it was nice to hear from you.

I love my hot tub, I think it was one of the best investments I have ever made. If you have any potential customers here in Painesville I would be happy to show them my hot tub and give testimony to the integrity to the people at the factory. They have been great and truly stand behind their product.

Again it has been great dealing with you and your factory. Thanks again and stay in touch.

Dan in Painesville, OH (near Cleveland and Akron)

Ohio Spa Hot Tub  

# 37
Hot Tub Model: Free-Spirit Lounger Premium Hot Tub (Ponderosa Pine)
Hot Tub in Snow You can enjoy a Spas N Stuff hot tub in the Snow!
Thanks to Al and Joan in Lake Ann, MI (near Traverse City) for the great winter weather hot tub picture.

They enjoy their hot tub in all kinds of weather, including when it is snowing. You can see that they have it located on their outdoor deck. (Our hot tubs are insulated for hot or cold climates). This picture actually shows a thunder-snow storm that was in April, 2007 and they received 19.5 inches of snow that weekend.

Update: We did receive them (Tervis Insulated Tumblers) and love them. They are being used all the time, Thanks .

# 36 Hot Tub Model: Free-Spirit Lounger Elite Hot Tub (Oyster Opal)
Hot Tubs Washington

We got everything. It all looks GREAT!! (The gazebo color matches our fence color really well.)

The delivery guys wheeled the hot tub onto our slab. Then my husband and I lowered it down yesterday. We cut a hole in the plastic first for the conduit from the slab. We’re going to attempt to assemble the gazebo this weekend and start wiring (we’re having a receptacle and indoor and outdoor lights on the gazebo).

I attached a couple images. You can see where they wheeled the gazebo through the fence area over the plywood. I’ll send more pictures when the gazebo is installed.

Christine in Port Orchard, WA (near Seattle)

UPDTATE: My hot tub is great. Here is a picture of my husband, Rich, enjoying the hot tub  in the gazebo – view from our bedroom window. The gazebo is so beautiful and the color matches our fence perfectly!

UPDATE #2: Hi Mike! Thanks for the (Tervis) tumblers, they are great! Here is a great picture of inside the gazebo. It is so beautiful. The windows are dark and very private from the outside, but once on the inside, it is nice and sunny. The roof filled with skylights is wonderful. We can't imagine having a spa without having a gazebo ! Oh, and there is plenty of room for the lid opener to function. The full length steps are great and there is still lots of room in the gazebo for storage, changing, etc.

-Christine and Family

Spas Washington
Hot Tubs Spas
Hot Tub Inside Gazebo

# 35
Hot Tub Model: Free-Spirit Lounger Premium Hot Tub (Kalahari)
Hot Tub Orlando

Here are a few photos of how our hot tub looks installed.

I am very happy with it and using it almost every night. Brooks in Longwood, FL (near Orlando)

(These photos show the Cover Lifter as well as the Matching Spa Step that we offer. The step is made of the same EON synthetic material as the spa cabinet, which means maintenance-free enjoyment for many years. This hot tub is also sitting on one of our Portable Spa Pads.)

Hot Tubs Orlando FL

# 34 Hot Tub Model: Free-Spirit Lounger Elite Hot Tub (Tahoe Blue)
Hot Tub Picture CT Hi Mike,

Gene and I didn't fall off the face of the earth. We have in fact been thoroughly enjoying our hot tub! We've found we're loving it even on a cool (all right maybe cold) winter evening. The sky is so clear and the air is so crisp. It's awesome.

After a great deal of trouble (reinstalling software and such), we finally have been able to transfer the pictures Gene took of our tub this fall. I know by now you figured we had forgotten all about you. That couldn't be farther from the truth.

All the advice, information, and service you provided made the choice one of the most successful decisions we've made. All the features work as advertised, and even I can operate it. We especially appreciate the cover lifter which has made the tub so easy to use.

We were glad to hear the couple from Stratford, CT decided to purchase their spa from you as well. Any time you need a testimonial just give us a call. We've been extremely happy with the whole experience.

Best regards, Sylvia & Gene, Norwalk, CT (between Stamford and Bridgeport)

Hot Tub Picture CT2
Hot Tub Picture CT

# 33 Hot Tub Model: Free-Spirit Lounger Elite Hot Tub (Oyster Opal)

 Pennsylvania Hot Tubs

Mike, I just wanted to say thank you very much for all your help and Paul’s help too. You both have been wonderful. The hot tub is up and running. I just sent you a picture of Kevin in the tub. He wanted to say thank you also. We did get all the new wiring done in the house.

We have the extra room on the breaker panel for when we are ready for the sauna. Don’t know when we’ll be ready but, we’ll keep you posted.

Both you and Paul are a blessing. We will definitely refer people your way. I will tell everyone I know about your company. Once again thank you and I will forward pictures this winter when it is snowing.

Thank you! Michelle & Kevin in Lake Ariel, PA (near Scranton)

# 32 Hot Tub Model: Free-Spirit Lounger Premium Hot Tub (Tahoe Blue)
Hot Tub Spa

Dear Mike, It took us a while to finish the deck, but here are the pictures I promised. We used the gray composite decking which goes great with the hot tub. Hopefully the pictures will encourage others to purchase spas from you.

Ann in Dayton, Maryland (near Baltimore).

# 31 Hot Tub Model: Free-Spirit Lounger Elite Hot Tub (Oyster Opal)
Louisiana hot tubs

  Mike, attached are a few pics of my grandsons in the hot tub. Oh, my husband is even in one! Trevor, my oldest grandson loves the waterfall feature! He is in it every day! He loves the lights, we have them set on "party time". It is one of the best investments we have made. I have given several friends your name and contact information. Hopefully, you will be hearing from some of them.

Janet in West Monroe, Louisiana (near Shreveport).

UPDATE, September 2006

Hi, Mike!
Thanks so much for your follow up. We are, if possible, enjoying our hot tub even more than when we first got it. The evening temperatures have cooled off a little bit and it is great to be in the hot tub with a cool breeze on your face.
Just yesterday, Trevor (my oldest grandson) said "Nana, I don't have any homework. Can I please get in the hot tub, my back is killing me!"
I continue to tell everyone where I got the hot tub and how informative and cooperative you have been from the first day. Your email just proves my point!
Thanks again,
P. S. The new one with the TV and Stereo really got my attention! That one looks great!

# 30 Hot Tub Model: Free-Spirit Lounger Elite Hot Tub (Tahoe Blue)
Michigan hot tubs Michigan hot tubs

Kent in Fruitport, MI (near Grand Rapids) has done a beautiful job creating a raised deck and installing a Free-Spirit Lounger Elite hot tub (Tahoe Blue)

He chose the Tahoe blue acrylic and the Red Cedar cabinet.

Hot Tub in Deck  
UPDATE: Hey Mike,
We finally got the whole deck completed. Just In time for fall, lol. We really love the hottub, its definitely a crowd pleaser. It's the perfect addition to our home.
Whenever we go shopping in our area, we never see tubs as nice as ours, and I'm sure you saved us a ton of cash.
Kent in Fruitport, Michagan (near Grand Rapids)

# 29
Hot Tub Model: Free-Spirit Lounger Premium Hot Tub (Kalahari)
hot tubs spas Ontario Canada

  "There is plenty of room in the hot tub for my family. Adults enjoy the comfortable deep seats and my wife especially loves the lounger. The kids enjoy bobbing around in bubbly jets of hot water and perching on high nooks. We are extremely happy with our purchase and the excellent service you have given us. We are happy to refer our friends to your site."

John in Simcoe, Ontario, Canada (between London and Toronto)

# 28 Hot Tub Model: Free-Spirit Lounger Elite Hot Tub (Oyster Opal)
Hot tub in Sunroom


I have attached a picture of the hot tub in our new sunroom. We still don't have it hooked up. It will be a couple more weeks before we fill it with water and start enjoying the benefits.

Ken in Henagar, Alabama (near Huntsville and Birmingham)

# 27 Hot Tub Model: BellaGrande-L Hot Tub (Midnight Opal Acrylic)
  Infrared Sauna Model: 3 Person Carbon Fiber Infrared Sauna
Saunas Hot Tubs Texas Hot Tubs Saunas Texas
Hi Mike!  I can't tell you how much we are enjoying the spa and sauna we purchased from you. If you'll remember, Retta was involved in a car wreck, which was her "excuse" for us to purchase your products. We don't need an excuse now that she is healed up to use the spa or sauna at least once a day, if not twice! Heck, I even built a room indoors specifically to put both of them in.
Good service, good products. It was a pleasure doing business with ya! Come see us!
Pat and Retta from Cross Plains Texas (near Abilene and Dallas Fort Worth, TX).

# 26 Hot Tub Model: BellaGrande-SLT Hot Tub with TV DVD (Silver White Marble Acrylic)
Hot Tubs Toronto Hot Tubs Spas Toronto Outdoor Hot Tubs Toronto Outdoor Spas Toronto

Hey Mike, the Hot Tub has been great. Here are some pictures for the website.

Francesco in Brampton, Ontario, Canada (Greater Toronto Area)

# 25 Hot Tub Model: BellaGrande-SLT Hot Tub with TV DVD (Oyster Opal Acrylic)
TV Hot Tubs Texas TV Hot Tubs Spas Texas TV Spas Texas

Hey Mike. How are you? ...we love the tub man. I have to get my whip out to keep people from bugging me about getting into it. This is one of the best investments I have ever had. Can't wait to see these on your website. Thanks again.

Mike in Cypress, Texas (near Houston, TX)

# 24 Hot Tub Model: BellaGrande-SL Hot Tub
Hot Tubs New Jersey New Jersey Hot Tubs Hot Tubs Spas New Jersey Outdoor Hot Tubs New Jersey Outdoor Stereo Hot Tubs

This BellaGrande SL (Stereo and Lights) hot tub from Spas N Stuff is the final touch to more than just a backyard.  It is more like a backyard vacation destination. Friends and family will relax for hours in the outdoor hot tub.

Jim in Medford Lakes, NJ (near Cherry Hill & Voorhees, NJ)

# 23 Hot Tub Model: BellaGrande-SL Hot Tub (Kalahari Acrylic)
Hot Tubs Colorado Colorado Hot Tubs

Mike here are some pics of the new tub. We live at 10,000 feet above sea level. We have used it almost every day. We really are enjoying it.

Michael in Leadville, CO  (between Denver and Grand Junction, CO)

# 22 Hot Tub Model: BellaGrande-SLT Hot Tub with TV DVD for European electrical (Oyster Opal Acrylic)
Hot Tubs Romania Hot Tubs Spas Romania Spas Romania Romania Hot Tub Spa

We are very happy with the spa and the one for our friend. Thank you for all of your help.

Nick in Romania

# 21 Hot Tub Model: BellaGrande-SLT Hot Tub with TV DVD (Silver White Marble Acrylic)
PA Hot Tubs Pennsylvania Hot Tubs

Mike, I can’t thank you enough for your patience with me during my long search for the right hot tub to fit my needs. After many months of searching and comparing - from mechanical choices to esthetics, quality, pricing and warranty - I found that your line of tubs are BY FAR superior among the industry!


As you know, I ultimately decided that the BellaGrande SLT from Spas And Stuff was the model that had all the bells and whistles that I was looking for… and so much more! The tub was delivered with care from the transporting company and the set-up was absolutely flawless. My family and I were enjoying it almost immediately!


What I have appreciated even more is your customer service approach. It was clear to see that your company was not a fly-by-night operation, but rather a company that works closely with the customer in mind and has taken all the necessary steps and time to make sure that each customer is matched with the RIGHT product to insure years of enjoyment with their new hot tub. Even after receiving my hot tub, you continually followed-up with me to see that everything was working properly and to make sure that I was satisfied every step of the way. Try to find that in today’s hot tub market, especially those other companies on the internet!


I have absolutely no ties whatsoever with SpasNStuff. I’m just someone that did a whole lot of research on hot tubs that eventually lead me to SpasNStuff. If you are seriously contemplating on buying a tub, but sort of skittish about buying one from a company on the internet, sit back and relax… you’re in great hands with Mike. Absolutely nothing to worry about! Believe me, you’ll be quite satisfied – first class products with superior service!


Kevin in Aliquippa, PA (near Pittsburgh, Bethel Park, McKeesport, Monroeville, PA)

Hot Tubs PA Hot Tubs Spas Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh Hot Tubs PA Hot Tubs Spas

# 20 Hot Tub Model: BellaGrande-SL Hot Tub (Oyster Opal Acrylic)
DFW Texas Hot Tubs Dallas Texas Hot Tubs Fort Worth Texas Hot Tubs

Hi Mike, hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day Holiday. I've attached some pictures of some of my guest enjoying the wonderful day and the hot tub. The weather couldn't have been more perfect and the hot tub created the perfect atmosphere. I'm still working on my back yard, but the hot tub has been a big hit in the neighborhood.

Thanks again for you help and here are the pictures and of very satisfied customers for the website.

Chiara in Grand Prairie, Texas, (between Dallas, Fort Worth, north of Houston and San Antonio)

# 19 Hot Tub Model: BellaGrande-SL Hot Tub (Midnight Opal)
SC Hot Tubs South Carolina Hot Tubs

I do a lot of research on the internet but I must admit to having been more than a little skeptical about the idea of buying a big ticket item such as a spa without seeing it first. Perhaps that is why I am twice happy to be writing this letter.


First my wife and I are completely and overwhelmingly delighted with our BellaGrande SL. The materials, design, and construction are first rate. This is my 4th spa and I prefer this spa to the Hot Springs and Jacuzzi hot tubs that I have had in the past. The stereo component to our spa is wonderful and will be much used. The second reason for my happiness has been the total satisfaction of working with Mike Stampfer in particular and SpasnStuff in general. The ordering, shipment, and delivery were all accomplished in a seamless manner with Mike keepng me well informed throughout.

With this kind of dedication and product quality, buying from SpasnStuff will never be a bad decision. Thanks, Mike!


Dr. Winters Beaufort, SC (Between Hilton Head and Charlston, South of Myrtle Beach, SC)

Hot Tubs SC Hot Tubs Spas South Carolina

# 18 Hot Tub Model: BellaGrande-SLT Hot Tub with TV DVD (Midnight Opal)
Hot Tubs Alabama Hot Tub Alabama Hot Tubs Spas Alabama Spas Alabama

Thank you so much for all you have done. It is so great working with you!

Jason and Melanie in Montgomery, AL (Near Prattville, Auburn and Opelika, AL)

# 17 Hot Tub Model: BellaGrande-SL Hot Tub (Silver White Marble)
LA Hot Tubs

To date we are extremely pleased with the spa. Very glad that we upgraded to the higher level spa with the water features and lighting system. Both make the spa experience so much more enjoyable. I was not looking for a built in stereo system, but we absolutely love this feature as well! I wired the spa into our sound system in the Game Room and now all of our music is in sync. The sound in the spa is really clear and easy to hear over the spa sounds without turning it up too loud. We can now watch the TV on the back porch from the spa and hear very clearly. I really enjoy watching the nightly news while relaxing in the spa! Our children love the spa as well and it's hard to find adult time without them. REALLY LOVING OUR SPA!!!!


Warranty Service Call: I can’t thank you enough for your speedy handling of my issues. I am very impressed and will certainly recommend you to everyone I know! Of course I have already been doing this!


Ed in Minden, LA (near Shreveport and Ruston and Monroe, LA)

LA Hot Tubs Spas

# 16 Hot Tub Model: BellaGrande-SL Hot Tub (Midnight Opal)
Norway Hot Tubs Norway Spas Spas Hot Tubs Norway The spa is great. Best investment for the health I have done in years. Its one of the best hot tubs out there.

...I would do it again if I buy a new house. I took two long sessions today at 104 fahrenheit. Just love it. And in the rain too at night time, with the pin lights and all. The stereo is also very good so I do not regret adding it. I will send a couple more photos within a few days before I go to Oslo...

Henning in Stavanger, Norway, (near Oslo and Bergen)

# 15 Hot Tub Model: BellaGrande-SLT Hot Tub with TV DVD (Silver White Marble)
Alberta Hot Tubs Edmonton Hot Tubs Edmonton Spas Alberta Spas Canada Hot Tubs Hi Mike, there are a few people interested in the spa so I give them your email. They are from here in Edmonton.

The hot tub is fantastic. We are really happy.

Mirko in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Canada Spas Edmonton Alberta Hot Tubs Edmonton Alberta Spas Edmonton Hot Tubs Spas Hot Tubs Spas Edmonton

# 14 Hot Tub Model: BellaGrande-SL Hot Tub (Silver White Marble)
Savannah GA Hot Tub

I finally made time to drop you a note and tell you about the hot tub. This is going to sound like a paid testimonial but it is what it is. We bought the BellaGrande SL and have had it for 4 months.

We have had zero problems with it. I think we have had every neighborhood kid in the tub also. I did a ton of internet research and visited 6 or 7 spa stores before buying. I was very, very skeptical and apprehensive about buying a purchase this big over the internet. My wife was in favor of buying from a store but I kept coming back to Mike’s web site and comparing everything to his spas.

The price seemed too good to be true but I had a service technician look at the specs and he said it seemed to be built very well. I compared motors, plumbing, jets, lighting, etc and Mike’s spas kept coming out on top. The stereo works and sounds better than I could have expected and the lighting is very cool.

This is my second spa, I had a Cal Spa before, and I would definitely buy from Mike again. I’m sure I’m not the only one that is hesitant about buying over the internet but you will not be disappointed in a Spas N Stuff hot tub. I would recommend using the trucking company for backyard delivery also. I live in the Savannah Georgia area if anyone wants to look at my spa.

Thanks again Mike, Rich in Savannah, GA. (near Hilton Head Island and Augusta)

Savannah GA Hot Tub Spa
Savannah GA Spa

# 13 Hot Tub Model: BellaGrande-SLT Hot Tub with TV DVD (Silver White Marble)?
Toronto Hot Tubs Spas Hot Tubs Toronto

Hi Mike, we had an enormous amount of snow this year so it set us back as far as the projects are concerned.

The spa will go back once the snow melts. 3 weeks should do it. If the people from Pickering want an excellent recommendation on the the hot tub, have them call me. Ask for Derek.

This is my 5th and best hot tub, and your support is as good as the tub.

Regards: Derek in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada (Greater Toronto area)

Toronto Spas  

# 12 Hot Tub Model: BellaGrande-SL Hot Tub (Oyster Opal)
Netherlands Hot Tubs International Hot Tubs Hot Tubs Spas Netherlands Hi Mike,

Just want to let you know we are enjoying the spa very much. We use it almost everyday and the stereo sound is great!

With kind regards, Jan in Holland / The Netherlands

European spa configuration with 50Hz electrical hot tub components.

# 11 Hot Tub Model: BellaGrande-L Hot Tub
Hot Tubs North Carolina North Carolina Hot Tubs Hot Tubs Spas North Carolina

Mike, Sorry it took so long for me to send you the pics of my completed deck. I just kept forgetting. I love the tub and the new deck. It really makes it great for entertaining.

Thanks, Jeff in Cedar Point, NC (Near Jacksonville and New Bern, NC)

# 10 Hot Tub Model: BellaGrande-SLT Hot Tub with TV DVD (Oyster Opal)
Georgia Hot Tubs
Mike....finally, here at last are a couple of pictures of the Spas N Stuff Hot tub, installed after the final construction of our new home in Georgia. The entire process from searching for a hot tub to getting in and enjoying has been a truly memorable experience.

I probably experienced many of the feelings that anyone would in a major investment of this nature. Accordingly I was 'skeptical' of an internet purchase of such a magnitude, but as soon as I talked with you in more detail I felt completely at home. Everything you say on your website is right in line with the total purchase experience. It was delivered on time, undamaged. The care given by the transportation company was extraordinary.
We really enjoy the TV (great for College sports games on Saturday and pro-sports on Sunday's). The sound system is wonderful. With the speakers mounted in the tub on all 4 corners there is absolutely no problem hearing music or listening to the TV, even with the tub motor control set to its highest setting. Incidentally we have satellite TV service which works just great. Life doesn't get much better!

And yes, my wife was very surprised when she saw the hot tub installed, as it was a 'moving in to our new house surprise" for her. We both really enjoy 'tubbing it' at night under the stars. Thanks for making this purchaser's experience absolutely delightful!!!!

Chad & Sally in Gainesville, GA (near Atlanta, Augusta & Athens)
Georgia Spas
Georgia Hot Tubs Spas

# 9 Hot Tub Model: BellaGrande-SL Hot Tub (Midnight Opal)
Virginia Hot Tub ...it's beautiful! Since it's been so hot, we only use it at night, so the lights are great. And the stereo sounds great. We have a sound system outside, but when the jets are on you can't hear it well...so I'm glad we got the stereo with it so we can still listen to music! We're having a Luau party this weekend so it should be fun!
Update: Here is a picture of some of the kids in the hottub at the luau. It was great - we had luau music playing from the hottub, and the kids would go from the pool to the hottub to get warm. Thanks for your help with the purchase - I think it was a great investment!

Mary in Broad Run, VA (Near Arlington and Leesburg)

# 8 Hot Tub Model: BellaGrande-SLT Hot Tub with TV DVD (Oyster Opal)?
TV Hot Tub in NJ TV & Stereo Hot Tub
Here are some pictures of the hot tub and we included an aerial view also.
We are enjoying it a lot, the service was great and the people were very friendly. We never had a problem with it, and are Very pleased, keep up the good work!
Thanks so much.
Ken & Debbie in Toms River, NJ (North of Atlantic City)

This hot tub , in the L (lighting package), SL (stereo & lighting) and SLT (stereo, lighting and television) versions also comes with a Free Ice Bucket by Tervis Tumbler.
TV Spa in NJ  

# 7 Hot Tub Model: BellaGrande-SLT Hot Tub with TV DVD (Oyster Opal)
Hot Tub Spa PA

This spa is the best addition to our home we have made... I Love it. The stereo is better than the one in my Theater Room. All of our neighbors are amazed.


And as good as the tub, is the service that I received from Mike and Spas N Stuff.

I was really nervous about making such a large purchase on line, and because the price was so low compared to all of the other companies I've seen while doing my research, I was very skeptical.


When speaking with Mike, he made me feel very at ease and comfortable about the purchase. I would recommend Spas N Stuff to everyone.


Saundra in East Stroudsburg, PA

(between Allentown and Scranton)

Spa Hot Tub PA
Hot Tub Spa Gazebo PA

# 6 Hot Tub Model: BellaGrande-L Hot Tub (Midnight Opal)?
Maryland Hot Tub Maryland Hot Tub Spa
A beautiful deck installation of a SPAS N STUFF portable hot tub in Ellerslie, Maryland (near Cumberland and Hagerstown).

Tim and Crystal simply say "We love it, Thanks Mike. This is our oldest daughter, Amanda enjoying herself in our awesome new tub."

This hot tub model with the L (lighting package), comes with a Free Ice Bucket by Tervis Tumbler.

Note: As a special thank you to our customers who provide photos for the website, we send a Free Gift of Tervis Tumblers.
Maryland Spa  

# 5 Hot Tub Model: BellaGrande-SLT Hot Tub with TV DVD (Midnight Opal)?
Hot Tub in Sunroom Virginia Hot Tub Spa

Hello Mike,

Here are a few pictures before the electrical inspection so the panels are off of the hot tub . I'll send some more in a few days after the inspection and with the waterfall and TV active.

I love the hot tub already and I haven't even used it. Visually, the hot tub is a thing of beauty and has all the neighbors curious. The TV and sound system are awesome Mike, I'm glad I chose this model. Thanks Mike and I'll send you some more photos in a few days.

Todd in Gainesville, VA (near Richmond, VA and Washington, DC)

Hot Tub Virginia  

# 4 Hot Tub Model: BellaGrande-SLT Hot Tub with TV DVD (Silver White Marble)
New Port Richey Hot Tub Florida Hot Tub Spa
A beautiful hot tub installation in Florida. Brendan and Jennifer have one of our hot tubs with the stereo and hi-definition LCD TV.  This hot tub customer is in New Port Richey, FL, (near Tampa and St. Petersburg).
Their Stereo and Hi-Def TV hot tub is featured in our silver marble acrylic color, which is essentially almost a white hot tub, with some marble streaks running through it.
Note the Free Gift of Tervis Tumblers which we now send as a thank you to customers who send in photos of their Spas N Stuff hot tub for our website.

 UPDATE 2008:

Hello. I just wanted to show you our new pavers. I thought you may be interested in a few more photos for the website. Thanks so much! Still loving our tub one year later. Our neighbors are planning to sell their old tub and get a 'deluxe' model by www.spasnstuff.com. -Brendan

New Port Richey hot tub Hot Tub New Port Richey

# 3 Hot Tub Model: BellaGrande-SLT Hot Tub with TV DVD (Cinnabar Granite)
Hot Tub Alabama Hot Tub Spa Alabama
Another beautiful hot tub installation in Alabama. They have integrated the stereo Hi-Definition LCD TV spa into a custom gazobo.
Thanks to Teri in Harvest, AL (near Huntsville) for the wonderful pictures of her backyard hot tub project.
Her Stereo and Hi-Def TV hot tub is featured in our new Cinnabar Granite acrylic color, which was chosen to match the patio furniture at the home.
Teri commented; "we have a complete outdoor sound system that we had installed, and the stereo on the hot tub sounds even better. My husband was very impressed with the quality."
**Note: When considering decking in a hot tub as seen in these photos and others below, it is important to have certain deck panels removable in case there is ever a need to service the hot tub.
Spa Alabama  

# 2 Hot Tub Model: BellaGrande-SLT Hot Tub with TV DVD (Oyster Opal)
Little River Casino Promotion

In January of 2007, the Little River Casino in Michigan gave away one of our top-of-the-line hot tubs. It has four speakers, a sub-woofer a Hi-Def LCD TV and more.

The winner sold the hot tub and we shipped it to a family in Toms River, NJ (North of Atlantic City)

# 1 Hot Tub Model: BellaGrande-SLT Hot Tub with TV DVD (Midnight Opal)
Michigan hot tubs

I was able to save about four thousand dollars plus sales tax getting my new hot tub from Spas N Stuff.

The hot tub stereo sounds awesome...I think it is better than the one in my house.

Brian in St. Johns, Michigan (near Lansing).

Questions? Give us a call at 866-595-6333

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