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1. can you control the temperature from the top of the spa or do you have to take off the panel and adjust the temp like in some of the older spas? That is a deal maker if you can adjust from the top? 2 Does the cover have straps that lock it down (so that wind does not blow it open in winter?) We had a hot tub prior to now and there is a 220 disconnect can it be wired to that? My husband is a licensed electrician so I assume that can be done? thanks

The keypad on top is how you control the pump and the temperature. No need to open the cabinet. The cover does have straps with locks. Not just to keep the cover from blowing, but in many areas of the country, it is code to have a lockable cover. The spa will be hard wired with a 220 volt line, coming from a GFCI breaker. We can also offer this model in a 110 volt version with a 110 volt GFCI Cord on the spa.