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The current tub I have sits on a 6" thick concrete pad no reinforcement. Is this enough to support this tub and normally only 1 to 2 adults? In my current 3 person tub, pump and heater has access on the south side of the tub and electrical connection comes in on the southwest corner of the tub. Will this work on this tub or do you need to know this before the tub is built? West side of current tub sits next to a 2' high deck and tub steps are located on the north side of the tub.

John A. Smith II
Hi John and thank you for your questions. Typically a hot tub base should be able to handle about 100 pounds per square foot. I would think 6" concrete is more than thick enough. I would think that the lack of concrete reinforcement would not have any more or less effect with the Paradise hot tub versus any other, including the one you currently have. All cabinet panels can be removed. They are cosmetic and there is a framework under them. Therefore, no matter where you bring the electrical line into the hot tub cabinet, you can "fish" the wires around the hot tub base, just inside the frame, until you get to the connection point. The connection point is just below the topside keypad.