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  • OAS vs. Acrylic Hot Tubs


    How much do you know about the materials your hot tub is made from? OAS--or Olefin Acrylonitrile Styrene--and Acrylic are two materials manufacturers use in making hot tubs. Both materials are celebrated, yet differences exist.

    Some differences between OAS and Acrylic:

    • OAS can be applied at a cost-efficient price by manufacturers, so hot tubs made of this material may be found at a better price.
    • The "finished shine" on a hot tub made of OAS may appear more modest in comparison to an acrylic tub.
    • Acrylic hot tubs are very easy to clean because of their non-porous finish.
    • Acrylic offers many colors and styles of finishes, such as simulated granite hot tubs.

    Enemies to the shell

    Inquire about specific information regarding a hot tub of your interest. Exact tub material composition can vary. The shell needs to be tenacious and resistant. Consider resistance to:

    • UV rays
    • hot tub cleaning chemicals
    • customer weight and number
    • stains
    • dirt
    • fluctuations in temperature
    • deterioration

    The more you know about your tub, the better you can care for it and the longer it will last.

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