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Monthly Archives: July 2015

  • Advice for First-Time Spa Owners


    Your first time owning a spa is very exciting! But there are some important things you need to know when managing a spa at your own home. What should you do once the spa arrives? How long will it take before it’s up and running? How often should I check the chemical levels? All of these are normal questions to have when you’ve never owned a spa before.

    Below, we’ve compiled some tips so you can enjoy your time with your spa virtually worry-free. After all, wasn’t the idea for buying a spa so you could relax?



    A big part of enjoying your spa is understanding how it works and how to properly maintain it. Begin by reading your manual. Your manual will be your personal guide and help you to prevent damages as you take care of your spa. As you read your manual, you will come across various steps that you need to take before you use your spa for the first time. You want to clean your spa with a gentle, mild cleaner in preparation for it to be filled with water.

    Once your spa is filled, review your owner’s manual on your temperature controls. Your next step is to heat your spa! This can take anywhere from seven to 24 hours, however it all depends on size, temperature of the water you added and temperature of the air around you.

    Balancing your water is another extremely important step to take before spending time in your spa. Be sure to check the chemical balances by using some of these testing strips to make sure your water is safe. These strips will tell you where your chemical imbalances are and your manual will help you fix these. After your water is ready to go, so are you!

    Make sure to check your water with testing strips every few weeks. Chemical imbalances can randomly occur, and you always want to make sure that your spa water is safe.


    Safety First!

    Safety should always come first, and in order for you to have a good time while using your spa, we want you to feel safe and know what precautions to take.

    If you have children, always remain in the hot tub with them, or supervising them at all times. You should also consider purchasing a cover and cover lifter for your spa to eliminate access to the spa when it isn’t being supervised. Children should not be in the spa for more than 15 minutes at a time and the water should be kept at a lower temperature. Infants and toddlers should not be in the spa at all.

    Be sure to stay hydrated when you use your spa, as the heat will make you feel dehydrated. So drink plenty of water. Keep water close by and cool with these Spas & Stuff Tervis Big-T Tumblers!

    If you are looking to buy a spa for your home, there are many options available, so be sure to find the one that’s right for you and use these helpful tips to make spa ownership a breeze. Additionally, feel free to contact us anytime with concerns or questions about managing your first home spa.




  • Why Owning Your Own Hot Tub Is the BEST Thing Ever



    The ultimate goal of spending time in a hot tub is to relax and enjoy time either alone or with your friends and family. Owning your own spa allows you to do just that --- and so much more! Although having access to a public hot tub may be nice, having your own hot tub has benefits that far exceed packing up the family to go out for some time in the hot tub.

    One of the greatest pros to having your own spa is convenience! Owning your own hot tub means you can use it when, and as much as, you’d like. Although your local pool or swim club may have a hot tub, many of these aren’t open year round, or they aren’t open early in the morning, or late at night – times when you might need a good soak in the hot tub the most. With the convenience of it being right outside your home, you can cut down a lot of time that you would be using to drive to your gym or pool club. That extra twenty, thirty, or even forty minutes can make a huge difference when it cuts into your sleep schedule, which takes us to our next benefit – getting more and better sleep!

    Getting enough sleep can be tough enough as it is --- the last thing that you need is driving to take time away from getting rest. Not only will you cut out driving time to and from the hot tub, using your hot tub frequently can even help you sleep better. According to the National Sleep Foundation, a twenty minute session in your spa can help you get to sleep faster and deeper. So enjoy that time in your spa after a long day at work and then catch some extra zzz’s with the time you’re saving to feel well-rested and ready to tackle the next day!

    Your spa is a great place for family and friends to convene and have a good time on the weekends. Set out some snacks on a nearby table with some water to keep you hydrated for your time in the spa and you’ll be ready to have a great time with people you love to hang out with! You can set up your spa with your own look. Choose from a variety of colors, and surround your spa with your favorite plants or tables… it’s all up to you! You can make your spa beautiful and functional in your outdoor living space, while using it all year.

    Say goodbye to aches and pains! Hot tubs are known to help relieve chronic aches and pains. With your own spa, you can have neck cushions that you would not typically find in your spa at the local gym or pool club. Take advantage of having your own hot tub and adjust the pressure of the jets as well as the temperature to help really loosen your muscles and prevent continuous pain in your body.

    Whether you’re using your spa quickly before you head to work or after a long workout, you can save those extra minutes of driving and enjoy a little bit more relaxation time – something everyone deserves. Take advantage of all the benefits hot tubs have to offer when it’s yours. Grab the towel and some music because serenity is right outside your back door!



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