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  • 7 hot tub tips and tricks

    Almost every one of us loves to enjoy the fun part of owning
    a hot tub which can help us relaxing, testing and reading our theories of time
    travel. However, along with enjoying the old-time gossips and recalling the
    memories, there are a lot of things to keep in mind. It is because you need
    high care while being on the top of the hot tub and need to test water
    chemistry more carefully.

    Well, without any doubt a hot tub is one of the most amazing
    things which someone can have at home. Even more, it can be a perfect center
    for most of your friends and family gatherings in the best possible way. If you
    want to make sure to spend some amazing time in your spa and to make every
    gathering more amazing in the best possible way then there are some amazing
    tips and trick which you have to consider in this regard.

    Most amazing tips and tricks for hot tub

    While you are going to make the mental notes for your
    upcoming hot tub star party this is highly important to think about some
    amazing tips and tricks to make the things more amazing. Well, do you want to
    know some hot tub tips and tricks which can help you to manage the things in a
    more effective way? Well, here we have brought 7 most amazing hot tub tips and
    tricks for you which are surely going to be perfect for you to know in this
    regard. So, have a look at the tips and tricks given below:

    1.   Use tennis balls to remove the
    bad stuff

    Yes, it is right. You can put some small tennis balls in
    your hot tub. These amazing small fibers will play an important role in cleaning
    up hairs, lotions, and oils which have been left behind in the water.

    2.   Avoid the use of pool chemicals
    in the hot tub

    If you also have a swimming pool and thinking that it can be
    affordable for you to use swimming pool chemicals in your hot water then you
    are at wrong. It is because these chemicals are being prepared for specific
    water amount and have to be used accordingly. Always prefer to use hot tub
    specified chemicals here for better benefits.

    3.   Close air injection valves
    properly for quick heating

    Most of the air tubs contain knobs around the hot tubs’ top
    edges. The basic purpose of these knobs is to let the air get mixed with your
    water from the jets. The air which is mixing with your water can be colder and
    may make your water cooler than you want. Even more, it will make the water to
    take more time to get hot. So, if you want to experience quick heating then
    this is highly important for you to keep these air injection valves closed in a
    proper way.

    4.   Keep testing your water

    It is always important to keep testing your hot water tub on
    a continuous basis to keep it at the level you want. Well, it is highly
    important for you to understand the fact that it takes fewer chemicals to keep
    your hot tub balanced as compared to the chemicals which are required to bring
    your neglected hot tub in its original shape.

    5.   Do not use household cleaners

    While cleaning your hot tub during your spring cleaning and
    may think to use your household cleaners to get rid of the buildup on your hot
    tub. But you should never use these household cleaners for this purpose.
    Although these are not going to cause any damage to your hot tub but many of
    these cleaners contain ammonia-based de-greasers which can disturb the chemical
    composition of your hot tub water.

    6.   Set a timer to avoid overflowing

    When it comes to filling your hot tub then most of the
    people do not know how much time it will take. However, filling your hot tub
    normally takes 1 to 2 hours but the time can vary due to your water capacity
    and water pressure.

    However, as waiting for the hot tub to be filled can be
    quite a boring task to do, so, it is always a better option to set a timer and
    complete your remaining tasks with ease. The duration of the timer you can
    experience in your first hot tub water filling. However, later this job will
    become easier for you and you can come back according to the timer. This will
    keep you from water overflowing with ease.

    7.   Keep the cover of your hot tub

    Well, there is no doubt that the cover of the hot tub is one
    of the most overlooked areas in the process of cleaning the hot tubs. However,
    it is highly important for you to know that you must treat the cover of your
    hot tub in the right way to ensure its long life in the best possible way.

    As they are exposed to moisture and heat on a continuous
    basis, these covers can develop mildew and musty smell with ease, if you are
    not going to clean them in a proper way. While you can use any simple bleach
    solution to keep the funk away and get a well-cleaned look of your hot tub
    cover. Make a mixture of bleach and water and clean the cover once in 90 days
    for sure.

    You can never imagine a more amazing party as compared to
    the hot tub party at all. So, this is the perfect time when you should start
    planning about those amazing and enjoyable gatherings in your backyard or
    garden in the best possible way.

    Most of us love to enjoy the social side of our amazing hot
    tubs and as the spring season is getting underway it can be one of the most
    amazing ideas to start thinking about how you are going to manage a perfect hot
    tub party and who you are going to invite for this at the present time.

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