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  • In-Ground vs Portable Hot Tubs


    If you're in the market for a hot tub, you must decide whether you want to purchase an in-ground or portable tub. Here are some of the major considerations in purchasing either:

    An in-ground tub can rest idle or be attached to a swimming pool. There are not a lot of options with its location as once it is in, it is permanent. The tub can be molded of concrete or a material matching that of a connected pool.

    The heater, jets, filter, and pumps associated with an in-ground tub can be more powerful than those of a portable tub because of the connection to an adjoining pool. The necessary equipment most likely will be out of view (being underneath the tub, enclosed in a remote unit, or built within the tub itself), so the sounds of operation can be less noticeable.

    There is a trade-off -- the hot tub can be more powerful, but the energy bill may be much larger.

    Portable tub
    A portable hot tub provides its owner with more choices in regards to its location. The location does need to be sturdy in order to hold the weight of the tub and its occupants. Portable hot tubs come in many sizes, ranging from two-person tubs to those that can fit up to ten people.

    The pump, filter, and heater are smaller for a portable tub in comparison to in-ground hot tubs. Portable tubs are usually made of fiberglass or acrylic material. This gives you a more options for the tub shape and color.

    Though a portable tub is free standing, you can really create an ambiance around the hot tub using any number of available hot tub accessories: bright sunlight can be avoided with a spa sun umbrella, patio benches or a spa bar can decorate the perimeter of the tub, or spa steps can be installed to ensure safe entry and exit from the hot tub. There are many other accessories available to personalize your hot tub, from aromatics to colored lights. Check out these options at www.spasandstuff.com

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