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  • Moving Your Hot Tub

    Maybe you're moving into a new home and you want to relocate your hot tub with the rest of your belongings. Maybe you need to move the hot tub so you can build a deck, or move it to a better spot. Maybe you want to remove it from your property completely. Whatever the reason, you might find yourself wanting/needing to move your hot tub, but how the heck do you do it? Moving your hot tub can be a daunting task!

    Short Answer: Don't.

    In a nutshell: hire a professional.

    Seriously. A hot tub is big, heavy, and expensive. It's possible to move it on your own, but the best idea really is to have a professional do the moving for you. They will have the equipment and the experience to relocate the tub quickly and safely. To find a professional, contact a professional moving company and make sure they have experience specifically with hot tubs. Or, contact a local hot tub retailer. Chances are they will either offer tub moving services or will be able to recommend a mover to you.

    But I Really Want to Do it Myself

    All right, you have your heart set on doing the move yourself. The first thing you are going to need is a bunch of friends, and they should be big, strong friends. You will also need several furniture dollies or splurge and rent a hot tub dolly. You'll also need a trailer or truck for transporting the tub. Once you have all the necessary equipment (including the friends!), you are ready to begin:

    1. Drain the tub completely and clean it out.
    2. Pack all the hot tub accessories securely and separately from the hot tub. Accessories include all the various cords and tubes, the heater, pumps, etc.
    3. Disconnect any sources of water, electricity or gas.
    4. With your helpers, very carefully stand the hot tub on its side.
    5. Slide 2x4s under one half of hot tub so you can slide the furniture dollies under each corner. The flat side of the dollies should be under the tub, not the wheel side.
    6. Firmly strap the tub to the dollies.
    7. Move the tub. If you are loading it into a truck and transporting it, be sure to firmly tie down the tub to the truck. Also make sure your helpers don't disappear--you'll need them to unload the tub!

    It wouldn't hurt to watch this video before moving the tub, to see how the pros do it:

     Or Just Buy a Portable Tub to Start With

    Even easier than moving a hot tub? Moving a portable hot tub. There are lots of models of portable hot tubs available, and they are a breeze to set up and break down. Here are a few we carry:

    Alpine Inflatable



  • Do You Need a Permanent Hot Tub or a Portable Hot Tub?


    When you are looking to purchase a hot tub for your home, the very first question you have to ask yourself is whether you want a portable hot tub or a permanent hot tub set in-ground. You might be surprised what is considered portable and what is considered permanent, so be sure you do your research first.

    Indoor hot tubs are typically installed in a bathroom or an enclosed sun-room (or something comparable). Indoor spas are considered portable because although they are securely attached to plumbing and electrical house outlets, they can eventually be taken away. So while they may look like a permanent feature of the home, they are actually portable.

    The most common outdoor hot tub is also portable, as it is usually placed on a deck or above ground in a yard. This type of hot tub is more visibly portable. However, outdoor hot tubs can also be permanent when they are set in-ground, often as part of a larger pool structure. Yes, eventually you can also take the in-ground hot tub away, but this would be much more of a project than one settled above ground.

    When deciding on an outdoor above-ground hot tub, the alignment of plumbing and electrical ports to the house may be a factor. Some portable owners move the tub around the yard by season depending on the position of the sun. In this manner, an outdoor portable has a great deal of flexibility in how to use it, and may actually have a longer period time during the year in which you can comfortably enjoy it. Portable indoor hot tubs may be less mobile, but you could still feasibly transfer it to another room if you so chose. Permanent hot tubs tend to cost more than portable hot tubs due to the issue of placing it in the earth. There may also be added necessities, such as permits and fees. Always contact your local gas and electrical utilities, as well as the appropriate authorities, before digging.

    Here at Spasandstuff.com, we carry some really great options for portable indoor and outdoor tubs, so feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about this type of tub. Happy soaking!

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