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  • Hot Tub Cover Basics


    Is it really necessary to cover a hot tub? Couldn't you just scoop out debris and call it good? The answer is yes, you really do need a cover and no, you can't just scoop out debris. A hot tub cover does so much more than simply keep out leaves and bug. It's a very essential part of hot tub ownership and maintenance.

    It keeps unwanted elements out
    Yes, basically a cover keeps stuff out of the tub. No one wants to relax in their hot tub with dirt, leaves, insects, and other undesirables. In addition, living entities such as birds, squirrels, and the neighborhood kids will also be kept at bay. But this is just the cover's most basic purpose.

    It keeps wanted elements in
    Now we're talking: using a cover keeps in water and temperature. This saves you money. You refill the tub less often and it takes less energy to maintain the water temperature.

    What kind of cover do you need?
    The cover of your tub needs to fit tightly all the way around. Remember - you don't want heat escaping or bugs and other unwanted elements getting in. Choose a well-made cover. You don't want to host dance parties on your cover, but it should be able to support the weight of mischievous pets and children. Insulation is gauged by an "R Value," so find a hot tub cover with a high value.

    Covers serve the purposes of covering and insulating. Direct sunlight can deteriorate your cover; over time, look for signs of dilapidation. Washing the cover with warm water and soap, then hosing it down, can prolong the life of the cover. Keep your cover and the inner liner dry; if they become wet, it will decrease the cover's ability to insulate the hot tub. If your cover becomes heavier over time, it is probably wet. The inner lining will need to be detached and left to dry.

    Most of our hot tub models come with the covers included, but if you have a tub already and need a cover, you can view our available models here.

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