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  • Business and the Hot Tub


    It may seem counter-intuitive to the workaholic but some people can save time by spending some of it relaxing in a hot tub. Here are a few business tips to implement from the relaxing space in your hot tub:

    #1 - Outline
    Unfortunately and fortunately, things change. This means you need to outline each day in front of you. Having a plan for the day can keep one disciplined and on track. Think of it like letting the hot tub get warm before getting in it.

    #2 - Where is it Wasted?
    One of the best ways to save time is to find more of it. Where can you save time? Spend time talking to coworkers about the weekend? Checking personal emails and sports scores on the Web? Leave work for work-related tasks. You can wait to check personal emails and you can catch the scores from your hot tub later in the day.

    #3 - Share Work
    Some workers (especially those in management positions) can have a hard time delegating responsibilities. Time waits for no one; share responsibilities in order to get more accomplished. Is it time to clean your hot tub, but it keeps getting put off? How about sharing the responsibility with one of the kids? It's a great analogy for your efforts in the workplace.

    #4 - Time is Up!
    Time never slows, so you may have to place a limit on the number of tasks you take on. Designating a certain amount of time for addressing particular business tasks can grant more time for other things. Staying in the hot tub for too long planning the day can leave one looking like a prune. After some time, it is time to put the cover back on and get to work!

    Share some of your insight with us: how do you use your hot tub to do business? Or do you have any hot tub/work ethic analogies to share? Talk to us below!

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