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  • Getting Back to the Spa Post-Partum

    With the Royal Baby finally making his appearance, we've all got a case of baby fever! Which leads us to wonder about hot tubs and pregnancy care. It's known that using hot tubs while pregnant is not advised, due to a variety of concerns for the developing fetus. However, what about post-pregnancy?
    While sitting in a warm bathtub after labor can be therapeutic, caution is encouraged when using a hot tub. The water isn't drained after every use, the only way it would be safe before six weeks post-partum is if the tub is meticulously clean. (We have some great cleaners here!)You don't want to risk an infection during the early weeks while you are still healing. There is also a risk of contamination and creating a health risk for others, too, if you are still bleeding.

    So wait at least six weeks after giving birth to get back in the hot tub. Luckily, cooler autumn temperatures are on the way, which will make the reunion with your hot tub that much more enjoyable.

    Check out our line of hot tubs with great lounger seats here at Spas and Stuff.

    Read through some reviews on our website to pick one that is right for you.

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