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Saltwater Hot Tubs

Saltwater Hot Tub Systems available on Spas from our 2 USA factories:

Premium Spas                         Columbia Spas



Looking to convert your hot tub to saltwater?

Check out our Saltwater Chlorine Generators


The Gecko in.clear® salt bromine generator is mounted inside your hot tub cabinet, in the water line. Using electrolysis, it converts sodium bromide (salt), that is disolved in the hot tub water, into active free bromine. This chemical reaction is similar to that used in a saltwater chlorine generator. A big feature of the bromine salt generator is that the salt content in the water is much less than a salt chlorine generator. With the in.clear® system, it is around 1,400 ppm, compared to a salt chlorine generator system, which is over 2,000 ppm. The lowered salt level is an important benefit because not only does that mean less expenditure for spa salt, but it reduces the potential for corrosion, which is a concern in saltwater environments under certain conditions. This is possible due to the unique construction of the generating cell. The surface area of the graphite plates used for electrolysis is much larger, and the flow around them is better than other products on the market.



New in.clear Setup Video

Simplify your spa cleaning. Learn about the simple steps of the in.clear bromine based water sanitizing system.

Available Premium Spas and West Coast Spas. Proprietary System on Columbia Spas.


Customer Testimonials

Hot Tub Model: Serenity (Acrylic Color - Desert Horizon
Iowa Hot Tubs Pennsylvania Hot Tubs

Mike, here are some photos of our spa. The one with Tina alone with the unit not running really shows how clear the water is.
The water is so clear sometimes you wonder if there is water in it!!!!!!
I'm glad you talked me into the IN-CLEAR SYSTEM. And there is no chlorine smell.


Neal in Belmond, Iowa (North of Des Moines and NW of Cedar Rapids, near Mason City, IA)


Editor Comment: who new 6 young girls could fit in a 2 person hot tub.

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Hot Tub Model: Keystone (Acrylic Color - Desert Horizon
Hot Tubs California Hot Tubs California


We love our Spa!!!

Thanks for your great service too!!

Tova in Pine Mountain Club, CA (East of San Francisco, Oakland and Manteca, CA)

Update: ...the water looks and feels good (hot tub has the in.clear bromine generating system). We are REALLY enjoying our tub, it is one of the best things we have ever done for ourselves. Thanks again for all your assistance.

Hot Tubs California Hot Tubs California

So if you're planning to buy a saltwater hot tub, get a quality US made hot tub from Spas And Stuff. Our everyday sale prices leave you with the comfort of knowing you always get a great price.