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  • SILIENT Model L (ice-shower)SILIENT Model L (ice-shower)
  • SILIENT Model L (ice-shower)SILIENT Model L (ice-shower)
  • SILIENT Model L (phone app)SILIENT Model L (phone app)
  • SILIENT Model L (ice-shower)SILIENT Model L (ice-shower)
  • SILIENT Model L (ice-shower)SILIENT Model L (ice-shower)
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Silient Residential Ice Plunge Shower / Tub Features

  1. More than 15 minutes of ice-cold showers.
  2. Set desired temp down to 39° F
  3. Delivers on-demand cold therapy operated through smartphone app
  4. Easy installation in utility room.
  5. Patent-pending technology.

Specifications: (Model L)

Tank Capacity: 45 gal (Model L)

Minimum Temperature: 39ºF

Maximum Compatible Bathtub Sizes: N/A

Chill Time After On-Demand Use: ~1-3 hrs

Power Outlet Required: 115v - standard outlet, 20 amp dedicated circuit

Tank Dimensions

24" (OD) 53" (H)

Tank Weight

79 lbs empty 375 lbs filled

Chiller Dimensions

30.5" (L) 26.35" (W) 27.58" (H)

Chiller Weight

120 lbs

Q: How does SILIENT send cold water through my water lines?

A: When you tap COLD ON, you command SILIENT to open a valve, releasing cold water into your water lines. In existing homes, the simplest installation connects SILIENT to the hot water line, turning your existing hot water outlets into either a hot, or SILIENT chilled water outlet. In new home builds, the SILIENT chilled water can be routed through either your hot or cold water lines. The traditional hot or cold water line (depending on the installation type) would change to the SILIENT chilled water at the click of a button on the smartphone app, and change back to hot water at the same click of a button. The temperature of the SILIENT chilled water is set by the user on the smartphone app with a minimum temperature of 39°F.

Q: How long does it take for SILIENT to chill my home’s tap water?

A: SILIENT can be used on-demand at the click of a button on the SILIENT smartphone app. The ice-cold water chilled to your desired temperature sits in an insulated tank prepared for on-demand use. The chilling process after use typically takes around 2-4 hours depending on operating conditions including the desired cold water temperature, the ambient temperature where the SILIENT system is operating, and the SILIENT model.

Q: How long does the SILIENT chilled water last?

A: The Model L holds includes a 45 gallon tank that holds the SILIENT chilled water, and the Model LM includes an 80 gallon tank that holds the SILIENT chilled water for on-demand use. The Model LM can provide up to a 14 minute chilled shower at your desired temperature, all the way down to 39°F. The Model LM provides a 25 minute cold shower, or enough water to fill a large bathtub (80 gallons) for a cold plunge to the user set temperature down to 39°F.

Q: How does SILIENT connect to my home plumbing?

A: The SILIENT water chiller system is connected to your plumbing in your utility room in the same way your water heater is connected to your plumbing. SILIENT takes municipal water in, chills the water using a proprietary water chilling system, stores the chilled water in an insulated cold-optimized tank, and delivers chilled water to your existing showers and bathtubs on-demand. There are two plumbing connections made to the exposed pipes in your utility room (inlet and outlet).

Q: How do I turn on the Silient ice-cold water in my shower or bath?

A: Simply turn on your faucet in your bath or shower, and click the "COLD ON" button on your smartphone's SILIENT app to start the flow of cold water on-demand. Depending on the plumbing configuration in your home, the cold water may be delivered either through your hot or cold water line, that will determine the side of the faucet to turn on for the SILIENT chilled water delivery.

Q: How do I manage the SILIENT installation?

A: SILIENT requires a professional plumber for installation as the system has 2 simple connections into your home plumbing system. First, you perform the pre-installation checklist to make sure your home is eligible for the SILIENT system (most homes are eligible). Then, you contact a professional plumber in your area to schedule the installation on a date after the SILIENTsystem is scheduled to arrive. We can ship the product directly to your home, or to the plumber performing the installation to be delivered at the time of installation. We will provide the simple installation guide with the product, and can answer any questions from the plumber installing the SILIENT system either in advance of or during the installation process.

Q: What are the installation and space requirements?

A: You will need a minimum of 29” width doors (Model LM) or 24" width doors (Model L) from outside to the final location where your SILIENT System will be installed, a minimum of 6’ L x 2.5’ W x 5.5’ H space in the utility room for the product to be placed, and a standard 115v power outlet on a 20 amp circuit. Wifi signal access in the utility room is required to connect the BE SILIENT smartphone app to control the system. The SILIENT system will work with any plumbing, with the exception of gray or white polybutylene pipes. The use of older CPVC pipes is discouraged. While these are the primary requirements, a full pre-installation checklist must be completed by the homeowner in advance of shipment.

Q: Do I need to install anything in my bathroom?

A: No. SILIENT was designed to be installed out of sight in your utility room, and to be operated using a smartphone app.

Q: How do I use SILIENT?

A: The SILIENT system is operated using a smartphone app connected to WiFi or cell service. Use the SILIENT control app on your smartphone to set the desired cold water temperature and start and stop the flow of cold water to your bathroom.

Q: Does SILIENT require water changes or filter changes, or other maintenance?

A: SILIENT was designed for minimal maintenance, similar to a water heater. There are no water changes or filter changes. A once a year SILIENT maintenance is suggested to clean parts of the system to maintain optimum chill performance.

Q: How much energy does SILIENT use?

A: SILIENT was designed to be energy efficient. Chilled water is stored in a heavily insulated tank that reduces the need for additional chilling after the desired temperature is reached. With normal use, you can expect your energy bill to increase roughly $0.50-$0.60 per day.


Availability: Ships in 5-7 Weeks

    • Arrives in 6-8 Weeks
    • From order to that exhilarating first 39-degree shower, your SILIENT system will be elevating your lifestyle within 2 months.

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All doors leading to the installation zone are a minimum of 29” wide (Model LM) or 24” in wide (Model L). The installation zone where the product will be installed has at least 3x6ft of floor space within 10 feet of the plumbing lines around the water heater

The floor of the installation zone is either concrete, or a reinforced floor able to support a water tank - 850 pounds (Model LM) or 650 pounds (Model L)

The installation zone is located in either an air-conditioned room or a vented room to dissipate heat

The installation zone has access to a 115v outlet with a dedicated 20 amp breaker

The plumbing that will deliver the SILIENT chilled water must be insulated, or you are willing to accept the risks of condensation in the walls during chilled water delivery. The hom must not be plumbed with polybutylene piping

2.4 gHz wifi signal is present and strong in the installation zone

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Regular Price: $10,500.00

Special Price $10,238.00

$10,500.00 $10,238.00