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Spa Repair

Quality and Value that's Hard to Beat! Our Standard Hot Tub Features Include:ETL Listed Hot Tub Spa

  • Corona Discharge Ozone Generator w/ Mazzie Injector and contact chamber
  • 5 BHP / 56 Frame Pump Motors
  • Titanium Heater Element
  • Expansion Foam (water proof) insulation (average R-Value of 30)
  • 24 Bulb Underwater LED Color Lighting
  • Waterfall and/or Spillway (except Essentials Models)
  • Maintenance-Free Cabinet
  • 100 Square Feet of Filtration (50 on Avalon Models)
  • Sealed Bottom




Expansion Foam Insulation = Full Winter Rated Hot Tubs

Winter Insulated Hot Tubs
  • Spray insulation with maximum adhesion (waterproof).
  • Applied with an average R-value of 30 to save on heating costs.
  • Not affected by moisture.
  • Does not lose R-value over time like other foams and fiberglass.
  • Covers entire tub and plumbing to hold in heat and keep your energy costs low.
  • A leak is very unlikely, but this insulation will actually "wick" the water to the surface, helping to pinpoint the leak.


Customer Feedback: Monthly cost to operate our hot tubs has ranged from 30 to 55 cents/day.

Syntethic Spa Cabinet Cladding and Sealed Bottom

Synthetic Hot Tub Cabinets Sealed ABS Bottom Cover
  • No annual staining.
  • Will Not Rot, Splinter or Crack. Does not absorb water.
  • Superior Color Fastness (resistance to fading and discoloring).
  • Through-Grain Coloring (color and graining go all the way through the thickness).
  • Standard on all models
  • Protects your internal spa components from the elements.

Aristech Acrylic Hot Tub Shell


Aristech Acrylics


We use Premium (thick sheet) Acrylics from Aristech.

Acrylic Colors

Tahoe Blue

Caribbean Blue

Midnight Opal

Midnight Opal

Cinnabar Granite

Cinnabar Granite

Oyster Opal

Oyster Opal



Silver Marble

Silver White Marble

The Unique Benefits of Aristech Cast Acrylics:

  • High-Gloss Finish…Aristech Acrylic Sheet products retain their glossy appearance through years of normal wear and tear.
  • Easy To Clean…Hard non-porous surface is less susceptible to mildew and algae.
  • Color Fast…Won't fade or dull…even in sunlight.
  • Chemical & Stain Resistant…Resists common household stains such as lipstick, hair dye, ink and crayon.
  • High Heat Retention…Warm to the touch, providing a more comfortable bathing experience.
  • Vast Color & Design Choices…Aristech Cast Acrylics provide manufacturers unlimited design freedom.
  • Easy To Repair…Because the color goes all the way through Aristech Acrylic Sheet (not just sprayed on the surface), the color won't fade over time. It will absorb impacts that chip other materials and most scratches can be buffed out.

Additional Benefits of Aristech Select Cast Acrylics (available in Kalahari, Tahoe and Ponderosa Pine)

  • Quarite™ Select Acrylics have a unique composition that helps hide Watermarks and Fingerprints.
  • Quarite™ Select Acrylics have a "Large Chunk Granite Look," with a patented texture finish.
  • Cast acrylic is slightly more expensive than fiberglass, but over the long term, it's your best investment.
Manufacturer: ARISTECH Acrylics




TSE-Ecospray® to Strengthen the Hot Tub Shell

The Aristech Acrylic Shell is sprayed with TSE-Ecospray, a modern polyurethane, which bonds to the ABS backed acrylic. This provides tremendous strength, an extra layer of insulation, and eliminates the concerns over using fiberglass. This two-component polyurethane material is designed specifically as an environmentally friendly alternative to polyester resin (fiberglass). Hot Tub Shell Cross Section

Acrylobond backing Material:

  • is Styrene Free!
  • has Zero VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds)
  • has Excellent Adhesion and Strengthening when applied to Thermoformed Acrylic
Manufacturer: TSE Industries



Industry Leading 56 Frame Pumps = Energy Efficient, Quiet Hot Tubs

Energy Efficient Spa Pumps

Your Spas And Stuff hot tub is equipped with 56 Frame pumps. (some models have one pump, some have two).

56 Frame pumps produce more power and use less energy. Their increased efficiency allows them to operate cooler and quieter and last much longer than a 48 frame pump.

56 Frame pumps provide plenty of power for your soothing massage therapy while still offering quiet operation and energy efficiency.

Balbao Electronic Control Systems with Titanium Heaters and M7® Technology

Thanks to a combination of Balboa engineering and patented M7® technology, we now offer the highest component reliability in the business — with fewer returns and longer life expectancy than traditional non-M7® systems. Balboa's innovative engineering and state-of-the-art manufacturing go hand in hand to deliver a quality, cost effective product that will provide years of reliable, headache-free service.

Patented M7® Technology Includes:

1. Smart Sensor Technology
* Multiple High Limit Safety Systems
* All Safety Functions always active
* Both Sensors are Identical
* Sensors monitor each other via software to regulate spa functions
* Ensures a proper operating environment for heater element
* No Sensor Installation in spa wall
* No Pressure Switch problems

2. Heater Element Tube
* Titanium heater - 5500 Watts (5.5 Kw)
* Enlarged bend radius
* No wire ties
* Minimizes debris collection

3. Heater Tube - Stainless Steel
* No welds required
* Front mounted
* Easy access for service

Balboa M7 Technology
Balboa Electronic Controls

Corona Discharge Ozone Generators (by Del Ozone) on All Hot Tubs

Corona Discharge Ozone Generator The corona discharge ozone system is considerably more efficient than UV systems and results in lower power consumption (90ma @ 11 watts), lower heat generation, lower operating costs and lower replacement costs.

Compared to the standard ultraviolet ozone generators, Corona Discharge technology produces twice the concentration of ozone while consuming less than one-tenth the electricity. Save money on electricity and by using less chemicals.

The isolated circuitry eliminates voltage spikes, caused by starters and ballasts within a UV ozone product. Many UV products are notorious for upsetting spa-pack electronics.


Manufacturers: Del Ozone

Spa LED light

Underwater 10-Mode Ultrabrite 24 Bulb LED Spa Light on All Hot Tubs

To enhance the atmosphere while using your new spa, we include a 10-Mode underwater LED spa light on ALL of our hot tubs. On upper-end models, Pin-Lights are also used to accent the tub and water features.

Colors: White, Orange, Blue, Red, Green, Purple/Pink, Light Blue, Blue/Green Fade

Color Modes: Color Lock, Color Change and Party Mode (Multiple Colors transition quickly, cycling through the color spectrum).

Freeze the light on any of the 7 solid colors or choose one of two slow color rotation modes.

Underwater Hot Tub LED Light

Manufacturer: Nexxus Lighting

AND, every hot tub is fully water tested.

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