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Hot tub factory tour

    Expert Manufacturing + Industry Leading Components = Hot Tub Quality that Rivals any Brand.

    Step 1 - It Begins With The Hot Tub Design Process

    • Our Hot Tubs are designed using a Computer Automated Design (CAD) program.
    • Comfort is designed into a "dry" hot tub. In water, the body is very bouyant, making your hydro-therapy extra comfortable. A well engineered design, proper jet placement and your natural bouyancy will provide your ultimate comfort and relaxation.
    • Computer models, based on height parameters ranging from a 5'4" female to a 6'2" male, are used to design the seat configurations. This ensures that all seats will comfortably support all body types.
    • Jet placement is based on Massage Therapy, Acupuncture and Chiropractic studies to ensure that you receive a safe and effective massage.
    CAD Design

    Step 2 - Vacuum Molding The Hot Tub Acrylic

    The acrylic sheet is heated to over 400 degrees by a state of the art PLC controlled oven. The oven has over 30 different heat zones that allow the sheet to be heated from the top and the bottom. It is very important to evenly distribute the heat to ensure that the spa maintains uniform color and crisp detail during the forming process.
        Hot Tub Shell Vacuum Forming - Watch a flat sheet of acrylic form into a hot tub (BellaGrande model shown).



      The heated sheet is then sealed over a ceramic mold and a vacuum system removes the air from in-between the sheet and the mold, drawing the sheet into the final shape of a spa.
        Vacuum Forming Spa Shell

        Step 3 - Strengthening The Acrylic Shell of the Hot Tub (A)

        • The underside of the shell is immediately wiped with a solvent to remove any debris, oils, and waxes that may cling to the shell during the manufacturing process. The solvent wipe also etches the surface of the shell to prepare it for maximum bonding with the TSE-Ecospray®.
        • The shell is pre-heated with warm dry air in our proprietary heat room to bring the surface temperature above dew-point. This will prevent condensation from forming on the shell and interfering with the bond strength. The heated shell also promotes adhesion with the TSE-Ecospray.
        New Spa Shell

        Step 4 - Hot Tub Acrylic Strengthening Process (B)

        • TSE-Ecospray ® is applied to the heated shell using a state of the art computer monitored proportioning system that ensures thorough, uniform coverage.
        • TSE-Ecospray ® provides tremendous strength, an extra layer of insulation, and eliminates the concerns over using fiberglass.
        • The computer monitors all of the variables that could effect optimum adhesion and structural integrity of the spa during the application process. If any of the parameters are out of tolerance, a notification alarm alerts the operator to make the needed adjustments.
        • The shell is then diamond trimmed of any excess flashing and drilled for the jet installation process.

        Computer Monitored
        Diamond Trimmed Hot Tub Shell

        Step 5 - Meticulous Jet Installation on our Hot Tubs

        All jets in a our Spas use an L-shaped gasket instead of the standard and cheaper flat gasket. The L-shaped gaskets not only seal the face of the jet to the acrylic surface, they also seal the hole that the jet is installed into, providing Dual Protection Against Leaks.
        Hot Tub Jet Installation

        Step 6 - Best Quality Hot Tub Plumbing Methods

        • Hot Tub Plumbing
          There are over 100 different glued joints inside spas. To ensure problem free enjoyment, all of our Spas are assembled using the highest quality vinyl tubing and PVC available. The tube is manufactured with the help of laser correcting equipment that ensures a perfectly round and dimensionally in-tolerance product.
        • We also use Barbed fittings, Glue, and Grip Hose to insure a permanent bond that is nearly impervious to vibrational loosening.

        Step 7 - Structural Wood Hot Tub Frame

        • Hot Tub Frame
          Our frames play an important role in the structural integrity of the completed unit. We use high grade 2” x 2” spruce that is cut from 2” x 4” lumber to provide a straight component. The frames are reinforced at all corners with plywood gussets to prevent the possibility of any leaning or wobbling. There is also extra reinforcing for secure mounting of our Cover Lifter option.
        • All frames are finished with a 2” x 2” pressure treated toe kick and custom cut polyethylene pad. This helps maintain structural integrity during the life of the spa, even during the extreme temperature swings a unit will be subjected to if placed outdoors.

        Step 8 - Total Testing of EVERY Hot Tub

        • hot tub water testingOur Spas are constructed with the highest quality materials and some of the latest innovative manufacturing techniques to ensure that every spa meets our highest quality standards.
        • To ensure the entire process was effective and that each unit is safe and ready for operation, every spa is fully tested by our quality personnel. One portion of this process includes a di-electric withstand and continuity test to ensure the spa’s electrical equipment is isolated from the interior of the spa.
        • The spa is then completely filled with water and powered up on a GFCI circuit breaker. The same type of breaker that is used in common household applications. Every function of the spa is tested for proper functionality. This includes a time allowance to make sure the heater is working properly. Our inspectors measure the current draw from all of the components to ensure normal parameter readings during operation.
        • Every Spa is then subjected to an extensive inspection of the internal plumbing and jet connections at twice the normal operating pressures our consumers utilize. No other manufacturer increases the testing pressures of their spas.
        • The technician is not only checking for leaks, but also verifies that the glue joints are not under any stress.

        Step 9 - Beautiful Synthetic Hot Tub Cabinet

        • Your Spa comes with a durable low maintenance exterior. Regardless of whether your preference is Red Cedar or Driftwood Gray, you will receive a weather resistant cabinet that will not crack, split, stain or warp for many enjoyable years to come.
        Spa Cabinet

        Step 10 - Your Completed Hot Tub is Shipped Directly to You!

        Your new spa is made only when you order it. It isn't sitting around as old inventory. Your spa will go directly from the factory to your home.


        • Step One: your new spa will be wrapped with clear plastic and then a layer of foam. The end with the electronics is also wrapped with cardboard.
        • Step Two: your spa will be raised onto the heavy end, which makes it very stable for shipping.
        • Step Three: shrink wrap the spa and strap it to the pallet, which provides excellent protection to ensure your new spa arrives in factory perfect condition.
        Hot Tubs Free Shipping