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Columbia Spas

Columbia Spas = Quality and Value!  Standard Hot Tub Features Include:

  • TUV Listed Hot TubsEVERY spa gets completely water tested.
  • TUV LISTED to UL 1563 Standards, in the USA, Canada and European Union
  • Corona Discharge Ozone Generator w/ Mazzie Injector and contact chamber
  • Incoloy Alloy 825 Heater Element
  • Expansion foam insulation 
  • Underwater Light with color lenses
  • Maintenance-Free Cabinet
  • 50 or 40 Square Feet of Filtration 
  • Sealed Bottom

Expansion Foam Plus Foam Panel Insulation = Full Winter Rated Hot Tubs

  • Combination of Spray insulation with maximum adhesion and Styrofoam board panels.
  • Spray Foam does not lose R-value over time like other foams and fiberglass.
  • Spray foam covers entire tub and plumbing to hold in heat and keep your energy costs low.

** Styrofoam boards not included on Serenity and Keystone models due to their  rounded cabinet design.

hot tub insulation

Hot Tub Acrylic Strengthening Process

  • TSE-Ecospray ® is applied to the heated shell using a state of the art computer monitored proportioning system that ensures thorough, uniform coverage.
  • TSE-Ecospray ® provides tremendous strength, an extra layer of insulation, and eliminates the concerns over using fiberglass.
  • The computer monitors all of the variables that could effect optimum adhesion and structural integrity of the spa during the application process. If any of the parameters are out of tolerance, a notification alarm alerts the operator to make the needed adjustments.
  • The shell is then diamond trimmed of any excess flashing and drilled for the jet installation process.

Highwood USA Syntethic Spa Cabinet Cladding

Highwood Synthetic Spa Cabinets
  • No annual staining.
  • Will Not Rot, Splinter or Crack. Does not absorb water.
  • Superior Color Fastness (resistance to fading and discoloring).
  • Through-Grain Coloring (color and graining go all the way through the thickness).


      Coastal Gray

Coastal Gray


Highwood has become the supplier of choice by the best regarded producers of hot tubs, spas, and accessories. With rich wood tones, consistent color, and tight dimensional tolerances, their products meet the demanding needs of this high-volume production environment.

Highwood and Outback (Canada Brand) are also the only UL recognized spa siding components available in North America.

Manufacturer: Highwood USA

Lucite ® Acrylic Hot Tub Shell

Premium Lucite Acrylics with Microban ®.Lucite Acrylics
Mocha Hot Tub


Sterling Silver Hot Tub

Sterling Silver

Starry Night Blue

Starry Night Blue

Moonscape Hot Tub


Cobalt Blue Hot Tub

Cobalt Blue

Copper Hot Tub


Manufacturer: Lucite Acrylics  


TSE-Ecospray® to Strengthen the Hot Tub Shell


The Aristech Acrylic Shell is sprayed with TSE-Ecospray, a modern polyurethane, which bonds to the ABS backed acrylic. This provides tremendous strength, an extra layer of insulation, and eliminates the concerns over using fiberglass. This two-component polyurethane material is designed specifically as an environmentally friendly alternative to polyester resin (fiberglass)

TSE-Ecospray ® backing Material:

  • is Styrene Free!
  • has Zero VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds)
  • has Excellent Adhesion and Strengthening when applied to Thermoformed Acrylic

Industry Leading 56 Frame and 48 Frame Pumps = Energy Efficient, Quiet Hot Tubs

Aqua Flo Hot Tub Pumps

The factory orders all pumps with upgraded Viton Fluoroelastomer® pump seals, for added durability and reliability.

56 Frame pumps produce more power and use less energy. Their increased efficiency allows them to operate cooler and quieter and last much longer than a 48 frame pump.

56 Frame pumps provide plenty of power for your soothing massage therapy while still offering quiet operation and energy efficiency.


Manufacturer: Waterway

Manufacturer: Aqua-flo


Electronic Control Systems on Every Model Hot Tub

Gecko Y-Series Electronic Controls

We use a state of the art electronic control system to ensure safe and reliable operation of your spa.

The Y-Series control system comes with a user friendly, Touch Key control pad with bright LED display. The electronic control pad allows control to all spa functions with the touch of a button.

The Y-Series control system also includes a 4000 watt, 825 incoloy stainless steel heater to keep your water warm for many years to come!

Y-Series Control Systems


Incoloy® alloy 825 Heater Element on All Hot Tubs

The element in our chosen heater is made of Incoloy® alloy 825, which is a nickel-iron-chromium alloy with additions of molybdenum, copper and titanium. This space-age material helps to significantly reduce failure from poor water chemistry, which is one of the two most common causes for heater failures.

The resistance of Incoloy® 825 to general and localized corrosion under diverse conditions gives the alloy broad usefulness. Applications include chemical processing, pollution control, oil and gas recovery, acid production, pickling operations, nuclear fuel reprocessing and handling of radioactive wastes.

Manufacturer: Special Metals


Corona Discharge Ozone Generators (by Del Ozone) on All Hot Tubs

Corona Discharge Ozone Generator The corona discharge ozone system is considerably more efficient than UV systems and results in lower power consumption (90ma @ 11 watts), lower heat generation, lower operating costs and lower replacement costs.

Compared to the standard ultraviolet ozone generators, Corona Discharge technology produces twice the concentration of ozone while consuming less than one-tenth the electricity. Save money on electricity and by using less chemicals.

The isolated circuitry eliminates voltage spikes, caused by starters and ballasts within a UV ozone product. Many UV products are notorious for upsetting spa-pack electronics.


Manufacturer: Del Ozone

Sealed ABS Bottom Cover

  • Standard on all models
  • Protects your internal spa components from the elements.
Sealed ABS Bottom Cover

Shut Off "Slice" Service Valves

Slice Sevice Valves

Slice Valves, or "cutoff" valves allow for easier service.  Components can be isolated so the spa does not need to be drained, should a heater or pump need to be replaced.

All models except Serenity.

Slice Valves


AND, every hot tub is fully water tested, then packaged and delivered direct to your home.