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Columbia Spas Elite Hot Tub Warranty

Columbia Spas

Elite Limited Warranty

This limited warranty applies to the following spa models:
Aspen LS & ES, Alpine LS & ES, Alta LS & ES, Teton LS & ES, Timberline, Tuscany, Keystone, Milan, Solitude

Columbia Spas offers the following warranty to the original purchaser of any Columbia Spa. Should the following occur,

Columbia Spas will repair or replace the spa or equipment, at our option, subject to conditions below.

10 Year Limited Shell Structural Warranty

The spa structure is warranted against water loss due to material or workmanship defect for 10 years from the date of manufacture. Specifically excluded is water loss in the plumbing, fixtures or in any systems attached to the spa structure.

6 Year Limited Surface Warranty

The spa shell surface is warranted against blistering, cracking or de-laminating due to a defect in the material, for a period of 6 years from the date of manufacture. Portable spas must be on a hard flat level surface. Proper support of the foot-well (bottom) is required. Failure to do so will void your surface warranty.

3 Year Limited Equipment Warranty

Columbia Spas equipment is warranted against defects in materials or workmanship for 3 years on parts and 18 months on labor from the date of manufacture. (Customer will be responsible for service calls and/or travel charges after the first 90 days after purchase). Improper voltage supply, use of extension cords or improper wire sizes will void warranties. Refer to owner's manual for electrical requirements.

Limitations on Warranties

This warranty shall not apply to or include any of the following:

(a) Accident, (b) Misuse, (c) Use of replacement parts or accessories not conforming to Columbia Spas specifications, (d) Improper installation, (e) Overfilling, (f) Use in violation of instructions furnished by Columbia Spas Inc., (g) Failure to provide routine maintenance, (h) Acts of god, (i) Alteration, (j) Damage to spa due to water temperatures below 40 degrees and above 104 degrees, (k) Any components, substance, or material that may scratch or pit the spa surface, (l) Direct exposure to sunlight.

EXPOSURE TO DIRECT SUNLIGHT WILL CAUSE SPA SURFACE DAMAGE AND JET DAMAGE AND WILL VOID ALL WARRANTIES, (m) Jet insert failure due to improper water maintenance, (n) Pump seals and bearings, (o) Loose control pack and pump unions.

How to Obtain Warranty Service

In the event of a claimed defect or service need, first notify your dealer immediately to assist you. If your dealer is unable to provide the required assistance you may contact Columbia Spas by visiting the Columbia Spas website at http://www.columbiaspas.com and filling out a service request form. A mileage and/or service call trip charge will apply after 90 days.

A warranty card on file is requisite for all warranty service or parts. Prompt return of the warranty registration card will protect your warranty rights. The warranty is transferable at the original installation site.

All warranty claims are exclusive of shipping charges to and from the Columbia Spas manufacturing facility.


There are no additional warranties, express or implied, which extend beyond the terms of this limited warranty. Columbia Spas, Inc. makes no warranty of merchantability of the goods or the fitness of the goods for a particular purpose. No other person or entity is authorized to make any warranty, representation or promise of performance not included in this express written limited warranty, and Columbia Spas, Inc. shall not be bound by any such additional warranty, representation or promise.

This warranty gives you specific legal rights. You may also have other rights that may vary from state to state.

Effective date: May 28, 2013