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  • 36" wide 2 tier Spa Storage Steps 36" wide 2 tier Spa Storage Steps
  • Optional HandrailsOptional Handrails

Redwood Accessory Color Options

Redwood Spa Accessory Colors


UPDATE: A recent design change - only the top step opens for storage.

  • Made in the USA
  • All Redwood Construction
  • California Redwood, finished with EPA approved stain - Seals and Protects the wood against the evils of water, UV light and mildew.
  • All Fasteners are Ruspert Coated, 1000 Salt Spray rated and will not corrode or discolor product
  • Wash with mild soap and water

ONE YEAR Manufacturer Warranty

Weight & Shipping Dimensions:
60 lbs     36" W x 22" D x 14" H

34" wide 2 tier Redwood Spa Steps


34" wide 2 or 3 tier Step for Round Spas

36" wide 2 tier Spa Storage Steps

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