Swim Spa 14 Foot - 2


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Swim Spa 14 Foot - 3

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  • 169.5" x 89.5" x 55.0"
    Comfortable Fitness & Swim Spa
    3 River Jets and 29 Hydrotherapy Jets

    • Accent LED Lights and 8 Fountain Jet water features (optional package). LED lights are color coordinated with the underwater LED light. Lock on a single color or choose one of fun color changing modes.
    • Get in shape and stay in shape with your own 14 Foot Home Swim Spa with Exercise Equipment.

    Viper Swim Spa River Jets

    All 3 Viper Pumps feed into a Large distribution manifold. Each pump has 2 speeds (low/high).

    1 pump on low speed = lowest flow - All 3 River Jets
    1 pump on high speed = level 2 flow - All 3 River Jets
    This gradual increase in flow rate continues, all the way up to:
    3 pumps on high speed = Max level water flow - All 3 River Jets

    This allows for maximum control over flow, for light to aggressive exercising and swimming.
    The water manifold system makes it easier for the swimmer to stay in front of the river jets.
    Compare to other manufactures who section off the swim jets, so some may not flow at all if the corresponding pump is not operating.
    You can also see the distribution manifold at Waterwayplastics